Why Glass Is The Preferred Option For Decking Balustrade?

glass decking balustrade

Adding a decking balustrade fence to your outdoor living space can help zone your garden areas for different uses, enhance safety, or lend the perfect finishing touches. Most people have recently opted for a stainless steel and glass decking balustrade. Here, we will specifically discuss glass decking balustrade and why it is often the preferred choice over other design options, such as timber, wrought iron, composite woods or plastics.

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Whether you have a modest balcony, a generous rooftop terrace, or a beautiful patio/ garden deck, glass balustrades provide a classy, refined and plush look to any architectural project. Another advantage of using a glass balustrade for decking is light will reflect around the decking area, giving a spacious feel. Furthermore, a frameless glass balustrade can provide your decking area with clear views of the garden, allowing you to immerse yourself in the surroundings as you relax.

Glass railings provide high visual appeal providing a contemporary look and feel and outperforming any other deck railing system. And many consider glass deck handrails the gold standard for aesthetic appeal.

2. Durable & Lasting

Glass is one of the most robust materials for decking balustrades. Glass decking balustrade fencing doesn’t get damaged by elements like concrete and does not fade or decay with time, like wood. Depending on design needs and building regulations, glass balustrades for decking are made from toughened and toughened laminated glass in diverse thicknesses.

3. Easy to Install

The design of glass balustrade fencing is uncomplicated, which makes installation easier. Thus, glass offers the perfect solution for a decking balustrade fence, especially if you want to undertake it as a DIY project. For a builder or glass supplier, glass decking balustrade fencing is easier to install.

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4. Adaptability

Glass is a transparent material that gels most architectural styles, from classic to modern. Balustrade systems are available in various stainless steel and glass balustrade profiles. And they are suitable for most installation and fixing frameworks, including steel, timber and concrete.

5. Cost-Effective

Glass decking balustrades may come with a higher price tag than other designs, but they are simple and hassle-free to install, low on maintenance and can last a lifetime, making them a cost-effective option. And frameless glass balustrades can cost more than semi-frameless glass balustrades for decking areas. As there is a massive demand for a modern finish and plush ambience, glass balustrades will undoubtedly boost the value of your property.

6. Maintenance is a Breeze

Now, who has the time to treat and maintain a traditional timber decking balustrade? Glass provides the best option. Glass balustrade fences are easy to clean and maintain. All you need is a mild detergent and warm water or a glass cleaner – and using a cloth, you can easily wipe down the glass. Based on your location, cleaning once a month should be enough to keep your glass decking balustrade fence looking great. That means you will get more time for the things you enjoy doing the most.

The Bottom Line

If you want to install glass railings for your deck, verandah or patio, then choose the right materials. You can contact a professional glass panel installer who can help you to install framed or frameless glass balustrades, which are easy to install and require low maintenance. Glass railings are the perfect solution for safety and durability. Glass panels are easily customisable for any deck.

Decking glass balustrades are easier to maintain compared to aluminium, wood, and other railing materials. Safety-tempered glass panels are easy to clean, withstand a considerable amount of pressure and they are four to six times stronger than regular glass. If you want a modern and sleek appearance for your home, then you should install glass balustrades.

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