What Is The Perfect Way To Store Your Vehicle Tyres?

Vehicle Tyres

Once an individual start driving around all by himself, he realizes the importance of having good vehicle tyres, the different features of various kinds of tyres, and the damages to them. One also learns about the consequences that the tyre damage can inflict while driving. 

So, the tyre experts have always recommended using the tyres fit for different seasons. Some people opt for different tyres throughout the year. For example, summer tyres for the summer season and winter tyres for the winter season.

But, what about the tyre that you don’t use while a particular season? How do you store them? Storing your tyres in a safe method is the best key to saving your tyres for a longer period of time and increasing their longevity. Storing your tyres in the proper way can prevent them from getting serious, irreversible damage.

This blog brings you the best tips to store the tyres for increasing their quality for a longer period of time.

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If it’s already time for you to tuck in your old tyres or current pairs of tyres, you should make sure of a few things before that. Always ensure that your current pairs of tyres are free of all the dust, debris and other foreign particles off their surface before putting them away. Take out all the dust that is on the tyres from driving on the road for so long.

You can use some cleansing material or follow the entire tyre cleaning procedure. Use a soft brush and a cleaning material to take off all the dust from the tyre surface. Use water to wash off the tyre properly and then wipe them completely dry.

Now, bring a big plastic bag and put each of your four tyres into individual polythene bags. As the tyres get in the plastic bags, seal the bag using a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner would suck out all the air from the bag and seal it up without any moisture. Repeat this step for each of your tyre bags.

You should always use an air-tight bag because it reduces the natural oil evaporation in the tyre rubber compound. This prevents the tyres from drying out and cracking from the surface. Storing the tyres in this method will reduce their time of degradation.

Where should you store Winter Tyres?

Finding the perfect place to store your winter tyres to prevent them from degradation is very important and we are going to find that solution below.

Harmful sun rays or UV rays can have a big impact on the health of the rubber tyres and make them go bad after a small amount of time. The older tyres are more prone to this. The plastic bag method would not work here as it would get too hot for the winter tyres inside. So, you should store your winter tyres in a cool and shade-prone place. . Store them in a place that’s free from UV rays. Garages can work the best but not the shades, as they could get really hot on the summer days.

It is also an option to store your winter tyres in the open air. It’s always a better option to leave them in a well-ventilated room rather than keeping them outside.

After finding the right place, leave the vehicle tyres vertically standing while storing them. Leaving them without wheels, would be the best option. But, if you keep the wheels on, keep them horizontally, one above the other.

Where should you store Winter Tyres?

Storing summer tyres in the winter season is a huge headache as there can be a lot of problems like cracking, deflation, etc. Summer tyres have the composition of a softer rubber than winter tyres.

So, storing them inside is the best option. Use your house garage as the best choice.

How long do Vehicle Tyres last if you store them?

Tyres can work well from a range of three to ten years. Change them once they cross this time span. But, if you store a tyre well with all the precautions and use properly with the proper servicing and maintenance, it can last from six to ten years.

Tyres are prone to various damages due to their position in a vehicle. But, that doesn’t make them any less important.

You should always pay attention to your tyre health. And for more information on this, contact us right now.

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