What Is The MOT Test?

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The sad truth is that many people are failing their MOT test because they’re not adequately prepared. If you’re one of these people, don’t worry – you’re not alone. But you need to take action if you want to pass your MOT the next time around.

One of the main reasons people fail their MOT is because they don’t know what’s required of them. The good news is that this article will help you understand everything you need to know to pass your MOT with flying colours. So read on for essential tips and advice!

Not many people know what MOT Leicester stands for; it’s the yearly roadworthiness test, which all vehicles over three years old in the UK need to pass.

This list of 7 help you understand when your car needs mot and why,

1) Expired Tax: You can check this online on the DVLA website by entering your registration number. If your Car Tyres Leicester is due an MOT, it will fail if it doesn’t have a valid tax.

Car insurance premiums go up every year that your car! It’ll be even higher than that standard rate if you’re driving without valid insurance. Check out our guide to cheap motor insurance.

2) Broken Lights: If any of your car’s lights are broken or not working, it will fail its MOT.

3) Faulty Brakes: Your car must have efficient brakes to pass its MOT. The brake pedal should be firm with no signs of leaks.

4) Faulty Tyres: Tyres that are below the legal tread depth or have bulges or cuts. You can find out how to check your tyre tread depth and other tyre safety checks here.

5) Windscreen Damage: Chips in the windscreen larger than 10mm in diameter will fail the MOT. If the chip is in the driver’s line of vision, you need to repair it before the test. You can get chip repairs cheaply here.

6) Seatbelts: This is not an MOT check, but faulty seatbelts cannot be used, so it’s vital to know if yours are working correctly before travelling in the car – you can find out how to do this yourself with our guide.

7) Wipers: Any tears or cracks will fail an MOT. A new set of wipers should only cost around £2, and they’re easy to fit yourself!

What Are The Signs That Your MOT is Due?

  1. The MOT is valid for one year from the issue date. If you have not had your car tested by then, it will become invalid, and if it’s on a rolling twelve-month test schedule, you’ll need to book it in before the expiry date contained within the V5C document.
  2. There are currently no vehicle excise duty (road tax) rules that state when your annual testing should take place; however, if the police stop you and notice that your MOT has expired, they will ask to see your last test certificate or occasionally use their computerised check system to verify that an MOT is due, which includes the MOT expiration date. If you can’t produce an up-to-date certificate, expect a fixed penalty notice (FPN). The current fine for driving a vehicle without an MOT is £200 and 3 points added to your licence.
  3. The MOT is not a legal requirement, but it’s the law to have a car in a roadworthy condition.
  4. If you’re driving an unsafe car, or with ‘dangerous’ faults, police can prosecute you and fine you of £5000 and/or six months imprisonment – so you must check your car regularly.
  5. Most mechanical problems get worse with time, so it’s essential to address any issues as soon as possible to avoid potentially costly repairs further down the line – not to mention the safety risks associated with driving an unroadworthy car.
  6. The MOT test covers a wide range of areas, from the condition of the bodywork, tyres, and lights to the brakes, steering, and suspension function.
  7. If you’re buying a used car, it’s always worth checking the vehicle’s history to see if it has an up-to-date MOT certificate. You can do this by using the government’s free online service – gov.UK/check-vehicle-tax.
  8. As well as being illegal to drive without an MOT Leicester, it’s also unlawful to use a vehicle on a public road that isn’t valid.
  9. You can renew the MOT up to 10 days before or after its expiry date, but not on the same day.
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