What Are The Benefits Of Having Directional Tyres?

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Being a car owner, you must have come across various new terms and features of your car body parts. And the most surprising one must have been your car tires. Who would even imagine that even the tyres, the rubber tubes full of air, would have so many different features, terms, and types?

Tyres have tread patterns in them. And, these treads are responsible for proper braking, preventing hydroplaning, and saving your car from skidding on wet roads. But, they won’t be able to do this without their depth.

These tread patterns come in different kinds and one of them is the directional tyre treads. It is one of the three main patterns of the tyre treads. The other two are symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns. You might find them similar if you look from a faraway distance. But once you close in, you will notice the difference in their patterns. These treads make Car Tyres Cheltenham safe to drive on.

So, in this post, we are going to learn about what makes a tyre directional, how can you differentiate it from other tread patterns and the benefits of this pattern in tyres.

Directional Tyres in Depth

If you take a directional tyre and give a close look at it, you will find the tread pattern to be distinct from other tread patterns. You will notice that the tread pattern has a design to rotate only in one direction. It doesn’t imply that you can’t reverse your car with these tyres. Rather it shows the directions that the tyre should be on the rim, in comparison to the car.

These tyres have the engineering to support high-performance vehicles.

How’s The Performance of Directional Tyres?

Directional tyres, of the best brands in the market, have the design to improve traction, control and efficiency on wet and dry roads. Due to their V-shaping tread pattern, these tyres are excellent in preventing aquaplaning, stopping skidding, and giving proper braking efficiency. This tread pattern is also common to find in the winter and summer tyres.

Ways to distinguish your directional tyres from other tyres

If you take a quick look, the treads might look like an arrow pointing towards the direction the tyre would rotate. This direction must be towards the front of your car. While taking a closer look, you might notice that the tyre’s tread patterns contain a solid, ribbed-like centre with the treads going up and far away from the tyre’s centre. It would be like a V or Y.

The other way to inspect if your car tyres have a directional tread pattern is to check for the mounting direction. It is because you can only install the directional tyres facing one particular direction. There would be an arrow on the sidewalls of the tyres. That arrow will indicate the way or direction of the tyre’s mounting process.

How to Mount the Directional Tyres?

If you are installing the directional tyres, make sure that they are on the car facing towards the right position or direction. But while using symmetrical or asymmetrical tyres, you don’t have to think about a particular mounting direction. You can mount them in any direction. But, if you mount the directional tyres in the wrong direction, it will reduce the benefits of the tyres and can also degrade their features faster than before.

You should also make a note that asymmetrical tyres also need the correct mounting process as they have an outside and inside face to them. You can, however, fix them in any direction.

Directional tyres can’t rotate in any direction like the other two patterns. It is because of their unique build-up.

What Are The Benefits of Directional Treads?

Directional tyres have the excellency in two famous areas: High-speed control or handling and the reduction of aquaplaning or water evacuation from tyres.

Because of their centre ribbed design and the V tread patterns, they help the tyres to drain the water or liquid tyres. They do so while maintaining proper contact with the roadways. This enables them to avoid aquaplaning. Directional tyres also provide excellent traction, gripping and handling in both dry and wet conditions. Its optimizable tread is great for maximum contact with the roadways. They also can turn better, have better grip and handle the roads better than many other tyre types.

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