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Tyres For the Summer Season

Summer tyres are among the best variants available in the tyre market. Apart from winter Tyres Colchester as well as all-season tyres, summer tyre have a different design along with tread material. Moreover, they have specific rubber material that offers adequate traction when driving wet plus dry roads. Also, their tread material focus especially on heat resistance. 

Summer tyres also offer higher speed grades such as V, W, plus Y speed ratings and are ideal for temperatures above 45°F. Anything under that can cause the tyre rubber to stiffen and lower the overall performing ability.

Below, let’s take a close look at the features of summer tires.

Pros as well as cons of Summer motorcar tires


  1. Good wet as well as dry traction during warm temperatures
  2. Increased control over the steering
  3. Fast-speed performance
  4. Hydroplaning resistance plus reliable wet traction


  1. Shorter tread along with good service life
  2. High fuel consumption
  3. Not ideal for cold temperatures
  4. Mostly found in high-performance variants

Summer tyres Vs Winter Tyres

The distinction between summer plus winter tyres is effortless to view. Apart from the rubber compound, even the tread patterns are also significantly different.

Winter motor car tyres use their bold tread blocks along with deep tread depth to offer traction even on snowy roads. This is important, as ice- as well as snowy roads, can make winter driving difficult. Loss of on-road grip leads to car accidents if snow tires are not on the car.

Therefore, winter car tyre have much more sipes and notch to promote traction on cold roads. Winter tires even provide good on-road performance on wet plus dry roads, but their best performance in the cold season.

Winter tyres utilise a more durable material that keeps them pliable even when driving in colder weather. This feature maintains the rubber’s material flexibility if the temperatures fall under 45°F. Ice as well as snow traction, plus the tyre’s ability to resist freezing roads, indicate the tyre is safe to operate in the winter season.

Summer Tyres Vs All-season tyres

All-season tyre are popular as the best of both worlds, summer and winter tires. The all-season tires are capable of providing traction on dry, wet, as well as light snow roads.

Their tread depth of all-season tyre is even somewhere between summer as well as winter tyre. They come with moderate tread plus utilise a flexible material to promote safe handling. 

Nevertheless, the distinction is that all-season tyre are unable to endure extreme conditions. All-season tyres will most probably fail when driving in extreme heat as well as cold conditions.

Different kinds of Summer car tires

So, how to choose the perfect tyre for the car?

If someone is going to buy summer tyre, then there are a few performance categories they can explore:

  • Touring
  • Performance
  • High performance

Summer Performance Tires

Summer performance tires come with V as well as an H speed rating. Also, it means that the performance can range from about 130 mph to 149 mph, respectively. Also, such tyre offer good braking as well as manoeuvring, plus moderate high-speed stability apart from the warm-weather capability.

Summer Touring Tires

Touring tyre promote good traction as well as better comfort levels. Moreover, this is even true for only a few summers of touring tyre. Also, the focus of these tyre is long-distance driving, plus are available in T, H, along with V speed ratings. 

Summer High-Performance Tires

For the best high-speed driving, high-performance car tyre are a perfect choice. These Michelin tyres Colchester types offer W as well as Y speed ratings, which means they can withstand on-road pressures of about 168 mph to 186 mph. Also, they aim to offer the best handling, and driving ability, along with excellent overall manoeuvring.

Popular Summer Tyre Brands

  1. Bridgestone Tyres
  2. Continental Tyres
  3. Michelin Tyres
  4. Pirelli Tyres

If you want to buy a new set of summer tyres, then visit a reliable store near your location that offers the best brands and models.

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