UI Design and UX Design: What is the Difference?

UI Design and UX design

What is UI design and UX design? How are they related? Which one should I focus on? User Interface (UI) describes how a user interacts with a computer or mobile device. On the other hand, User Experience (UX) refers to the overall experience a user has during their interaction with a system.

UI Design and UX Design Differences

You often need both good UI and UX design to make a product that people love. You could, for example, have a bank card that looks great and is easy to use (UI). But it doesn’t matter how good the app looks if it loads slowly or if you have to click through many screens to send money (UX).

On the other hand, a website could have a lot of unique, helpful content that is set up in a way that makes sense. But if it looks old or you can’t figure out how to continue moving from one screen to another or scroll through the options, you’ll probably leave the site.

UX: What do they do with their jobs and tasks?

Both UI and UX designers are very important to the process of making a product. Let’s look at each one in more depth.

UX design focuses on how a product makes a person feel when they use it. The mission is to make things that are useful, easy to get, and fun to use. UX is often used to talk about digital products, but it can also be used to talk about products and services that aren’t digital. A UX designer may have to do things like:

  • Trying to conduct user research to find out about a product’s targets, needs, habits, and pain points
  • Creating user profiles based on who you want to sell to
  • Making user journey maps helps determine how a customer uses a product.
  • Using wireframes and prototypes to get a better idea of how the final product will look.
  • Putting designs to the test with users to ensure they work and find problems.
  • Working together with stakeholders, user interface (UI) designers, and developers

UI Responsibilities and Tasks

UI designs make the visual parts of phone applications, custom website design, and devices that users interact with directly. UI only applies to digital products, while UX can be used to describe almost any product or service. A user interface (UI) designer works to ensure that apps and sites look good and are easy to use. UI designers often do the following:

  • Layout management
  • Selecting fonts and color schemes
  • Creating user-interactive features like menu bars, search bars, and text fields
  • Make layouts and wireframes that seem as close as possible to the final product.
  • Collaborating closely with programmers to bring designs to life.

How do UI and UX design relate to one another?

How you use a product is shaped by how its UX design and UI work together. If one product’s UX/UI design is better than the other, people will use it more because they like how the whole thing works. Even though two similar products might give you the same result, in the end, their UX/UI will show you how they do it.

Even though they are different, UX and UI are not two completely different things. On the contrary, both are very important and work closely to verify how an item will appear and function.

What do UX designers do?

In particular, a bespoke website design agency, a UX designer’s job is to come up with strategies, test, implement, and analyze products, services, and their total designs.

  • Strategy for Content: Content strategy is about planning, making, and using content, such as text, images, and media elements on a page or in an app.
  • Testing and making prototypes: They are important steps in UX design.
  • Coordinating and figuring out: UX designers usually work with a larger design team to make items/solutions for a company.

What does a user interface designer do?

  • UI designs are in charge of the details of how a good or service is used.
  • Brand styling: Establishing a visual brand identity is vital for most contemporary firms and a usability priority in UI design.
  • Visual Design UI designers construct and optimize digital aspects, including font, color, and button design.
  • Interactivity: Most UI designers also create and integrate interactive components.


Both UI and UX design are important aspects of designing a good interface. While both are equally important, UI focuses on the application’s visual appearance, whereas UX focuses on the entire experience.

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