Trendy Deck Stair Ideas That You Must Implement

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Stairs are an essential part of any deck. The first step is to create a solid foundation for your stairs that will last for years to come. Before hiring the Deck Builder Melbourne, it’s important to understand the different types of stair systems out there and how each can affect the overall look and function of your outdoor space.

Stairs Should Have Composite Decking For Sure

Composite decking is a great option for stairs. Composite decking is more durable than wood, so it will last longer. It won’t warp or crack like wooden stair treads do, either. And since composite decking comes in a variety of colours, you can choose one that matches your home’s exterior design perfectly!

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If you want to paint your composite decking the same colour as your house but want a more solid surface underneath, consider using cement board instead of plywood for the subfloor. The cement board has a smooth finish and works well with adhesives like contact cement, making it ideal for stair treads where foot traffic will be heavy (like in front doors).

Use A Stair Frame System

A stair frame system is a great way to build stairs on your deck. It’s also perfect for building multi-level decks. Professionals use these because they’re lightweight, easy to install and they make a strong foundation for steps.

Why Should You Use Them?

This type of framing system gives greater strength than other types such as stringers or posts because there isn’t any bending force being applied from one side all over again through another part; instead, every piece receives its own specific load directly from above without having any additional stress put upon them from nearby areas either above or below them (much less than standard wood stairs would have).

This means that these materials can hold more weight per square foot than anything else out there right now which makes them ideal if you’re planning on having heavy loads pass over them regularly such as children playing around inside but not necessarily adults walking up/down regularly since they might not be able to take advantage.

Build A Multi-level Deck

A multi-level deck design can help you make the most of your space, and it also allows you to maximise your views. You should hire expert Deck and pergola Builder Melbourne for multi-level deck rather than performing any DIY. There are many different ways to build a multi-level deck:

  • A floating deck can be placed over an existing patio or pool with no foundation necessary. These decks are usually composed of wood or composite material that rests on top of beams, making them ideal for uneven terrain or small spaces.
  • Floating decks are often designed with stairs leading from one level to another, so that you can easily move from one area of the yard to another without having to go inside or through the house.
  • An elevated deck is built off the ground using support posts that rest against a wall or other solid structure (like an existing garage).
  • The posts support joists that form both sides and ends of each level as well as a flooring surface; these components extend above ground level so they don’t block out sunlight but still provide enough coverage below them so nothing will fall off!


We hope our deck stair ideas have inspired you to get out there and build a beautiful new staircase for your home. Whether you choose one of these options or something entirely different, we are confident that any project will be worth it! Always get your work done by experienced deck builder.

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