Top 6 Trends Expected to Shape Pay Per Click Advertising in 2023

Pay Per Click Advertising

One of the best marketing tactics that continues to grow businesses is pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. However, with the changing demands of consumers and tech availability, PPC campaigns fail to generate the same outcome. Thanks to certain factors, the advertising strategies for 2023 shall ultimately bear fruits.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. By paying for each click on their ads, businesses can generate leads, drive traffic to their website, and boost sales. As technology continues to advance, PPC advertising is expected to undergo significant changes in the coming years. Here are some of the trends that are likely to shape the future of PPC advertising in 2023.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has been a powerful tool for businesses to generate leads, boost conversions, and increase revenue. As we move into 2023, PPC advertising is expected to undergo some significant changes, driven by advancements in technology and changes in consumer behavior. Here are the top 6 trends expected to shape the PPC landscape in 2023:

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Discover the trends PPC experts predict will lead the pack in 2023:

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

AI has a great role to play. By helping marketers optimise keywords, setting bids and predicting the CTR rate, it improves PPC campaigns significantly. On the contrary, automation helps make informed decisions and allows brands to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.

Voice Search           

Voice search is popular and this is pretty evident from the rising demand for smart speakers worldwide. By 2025, three out of four households in the USA alone will own a smart speaker. Then, think about the statistics worldwide! It will present novel opportunities to PPC marketers as they will look for ways to optimise their campaigns for voice search.

The same implies that voice-driven shopping will be on the rise. One of the best ways to leverage this opportunity is through the creation of pay-per-click ads by using a conversational tone. For instance, marketers can incorporate keywords such as “open now” or questions to optimise a text for voice search.

With the rise of smart speakers and voice assistants, voice search is becoming more prevalent. Advertisers will need to optimize their PPC campaigns for voice search queries, which are typically longer and more conversational than traditional text-based queries.

Voice search optimization also involves optimizing for local search queries. Many voice search queries are related to local businesses and services. Advertisers can use location-based targeting and ad extensions to ensure that their ads are displayed for local search queries.

Video Ads

Everyone is aware of the power of video. It catches the attention of consumers right away, but with their attention spans getting shorter, ads must be more focused and engaging. Bumper ads with a duration of no more than 6 seconds are perfect for the crowd. They play either before or after a video and sometimes, in the middle of the record. PPC marketers can use them on sites and apps that are Google video partners and boost brand awareness.

Video ads are becoming increasingly popular, especially with younger audiences. Advertisers can use video ads to showcase their products or services and engage with their target audience in a more immersive way.

Advertisers can use a variety of video ad formats, including in-stream ads, out-stream ads, and bumper ads. In-stream ads are shown before, during, or after a video on a publisher’s website. Out-stream ads are shown on websites that do not have video content. Bumper ads are short, non-skippable ads that are shown before a video.

Social Media Advertising

Social media platform usage will continue to rise in 2023. The reason could be anything – to keep up with the activities of friends or to source information. Now, Facebook is not the only platform where paid advertising could be effective. Others can be equally valuable. Therefore, this year,  marketers will experiment with multiple platforms when running ads to reach more consumers.

Visual Search

Many users find it easy to search for a product or a service by uploading an existing image through the use of Google lens. On hitting the enter button, the search engine hunts for websites featuring that exact same picture and provides consumers with links to those items. The coming years anticipate bigger improvements in the same feature. Therefore, it makes sense for brands to create an image library with all products and services. By adding metadata to each, marketers can successfully label the products and ensure their discoverability on Google, Bing and other platforms.


Google may dominate the search engine share with 89 billion visits every month. However, it hardly implies that Facebook, Amazon and Bing are lagging. Therefore, the current trend emphasises diversifying search engines when running Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns to reach out to more consumers and not the ones only listed on Google.

Conclusion : 

A solid PPC campaign depends on plenty of fundamentals, six of which have been discussed here. However, simply acting in favour of them will be inadequate. Measuring the results in terms of ROI and brand awareness is equally important. If you find that the current campaign strategy is unable to hit the mark, be flexible enough to introduce radical changes to your PPC ad types.

Robus Marketing, one of the best digital marketing agencies in the UK, can provide you with a team that enjoys expertise in researching the audience, designing adverts and displaying them in the right places. Glance through their PPC case studies if you are unsure about their ability to deliver positive results and draw in confidence.

In conclusion, 2023 is expected to be an exciting year for PPC advertising, with advancements in technology and changes in consumer behavior driving new trends. Advertisers who stay ahead of these trends will be better positioned to generate leads, boost conversions, and increase revenue.

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