Top 6 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes To Be Avoided

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is one of the prominent places in your residence where the key to good health lies. It is considered the heart of a home and so kitchen renovations should be done carefully to keep intact the sanctity of this place.

Moreover, many individuals like you spend money on such renovations with future planning in mind, especially like selling your house later.

In that case, kitchen remodeling can surely help you to increase the market value of your house and make it more alluring to prospective buyers.

But initially, you may undertake this task for your convenience, safety, and feel-good factor. After all, having a modern kitchen will serve your purpose well when you enter such a place for cooking meals.

Having said all this, it is also equally essential for you to remember certain things which most householders commit while getting their kitchen renovated.

You must consider many factors before plunging into kitchen renovations where a lot of your hard-earned money will be involved. For example:

1.  Loopholes in kitchen designs

In the planning stage itself, you need to address the issues like functionality and appeal of your kitchen. There must be a good balance between these two to get an effective kitchen suitable for the existing style and character of your home.

In case you fail to do this, then the result will be an impractical kitchen where the space requirements for people working in it will be missing leading to a messy situation.

There may be various people in your house with varied heights and abilities. This point should be kept in mind while designing the kitchen so that it becomes a happy place for all while cooking.

2. Have a budget

Always fix a budget in advance and keep some excess in hand just in case any changes are to be incorporated into the kitchen renovation during the work process.

Ideally, it will be better to get the design perfectly done at the time of starting with the work so that added extra costs from the changes you make in the future while its execution can be avoided.

Communication clarity should be present between you and the professionals renovating your kitchen is essential. The dimensions of the appliances you are currently using or planning to purchase should be told to them beforehand to make way doe these adjustments.

3. Knack for DIY 

If you have the requisite skill, time, and resources to execute the work, then tasks like kitchen wall painting, flooring, tiles, and grout, along with the installation of cabinetry can be done by you without any experts’ help.

These cosmetic renovations can save you money considerably that would have been spent otherwise if interior decorators were hired. 

But if you do not possess the necessary skill, yet insist on doing it alone, then this can backfire in the end and shoot up the costs for kitchen renovation.

You not only need to have the time but also have the energy and willingness to take the responsibility to remodel the kitchen by yourself within your allocated budget.

Moreover, tasks like electrical work and plumbing fixtures are to be done by skilled and certified people as it is legally stated in many countries for the safety of the dwellers of the house.

Tradespeople working on your premises having the registration, license, and insurance can make you feel relieved that even if something goes wrong you will be covered which won’t be possible in the case of DIY.

4. Focusing on style than function

If you only want to make your kitchen look good, then this may pose a problem for you in the future. The reason is that it is a place where a person cooks. But if that very place is not functional for cooking then the renovation will be of no good.

Kitchen cabinets, cooktop, tapware, lighting, ventilation, storage, durable materials, and space for movement should top the planning list for your kitchen.

The way you use your kitchens and the existing architecture can be discussed with your kitchen design specialist to arrive at a feasible style that will increase the efficiency of your kitchen after renovation.

Being practical is a sign of a person and you need to have that wisdom while planning your kitchen renovation. Having a marble bench top will not be a good option if you have young children at home as you will not be able to maintain the cleanliness of the place all the time despite your earnest efforts.

Seeing the kitchen design in magazines and applying it blindly in your kitchen can have a disastrous effect. It might not fit your kitchen space and aesthetics.

5. Have patience

Since a kitchen design job is time-consuming, you need to have the patience to get it done smoothly. And for this, you need to have faith and trust in the people you have delegated to this job. 

There must be a deadline for the kitchen renovation work and make sure the team adheres to it strictly so that you do not have to face any extra expenses regularly like buying food from outside while the work is in progress even after the passing of the work deadline.

6. Choosing the flat-pack kitchen

One of the best options for kitchen renovation is the flat-pack kitchen. They are far cheaper than customized kitchens that can be put together either by yourself or by the supplier of the set.

There are two variations to choose from. One is based on your budget and the other is the quality pre-fabricated kitchens and their constituents like hinges, drawer runners, and drawers.

The range of styles, standard size, and some customization opportunities make them ideal for many householders who lack the time and patience to deal with a kitchen renovation. 

Your investment in luxury kitchen design will add value to your property if it is done by a professional entity with expert craftsmanship and gives you competitive pricing along with friendly service.

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