Step By Step Process To Clean Your Car Carpet And Car Mat

Clean Your Car Carpet

Car cleaning and maintenance is one of the most ignored acts after buying a car. And the drivers or owners only realize the importance of deep cleaning their vehicles after visiting a garage once for their negligence and burning a hole in their pocket for car servicing.

While professional car servicing and maintenance are important and only the experts must carry them on, you can always deep clean your car by yourself and save the money that you spend on car wash services in the shops.

Every part of a car, including brakes, out body, Tyres Southampton, windows, etc should be deeply clean to have a good impression. And your car mats are one of these important places to focus on. Nobody would like to step into a car that has a dirty mat or dirty car seats.

They might not affect the performance of your car but can surely tarnish the impression. Clean mats increase the chances of a pleasant experience for somebody who sits in your car.

So, this blog is all about the procedure and importance of cleaning your car mats.

Ways to Remove Your Car Seats Before Mat Cleaning Process

You need to get in there properly if you want to deep clean your mat and for that, your car setas might need to be out of your car for a while. You can also leave the seats inside if they go backwards a lot. It all depends on the level of dirt on your mat and how far your car seat goes back.

Before you remove the seats having seat bags, remember to disconnect the negative battery wire, Wait for at least 15-20 mins before you resume. Begin with sliding the seats forward and taking out all the screws that are on the backside of the seats. Repeat the vice-versa process now.

Now, tilt your setas and take away any kind of harness or wires or cables. Carefully and slowly remove the setas from the car afterwards.

Knowing how to remove your car seats is important for various other types of maintenance work too. So, it can save your time and work a lot.

Now, Remove Your Car Mats

Start by folding the edges of the car mat. It will prevent the dirt from falling onto the carpet of the car. Because it is harder to remove the dirt from the carpet of the car. Lift the dirty mat and keep it aside.

Steps to Clean Your Car-Foot Carpets

  • Vacuum the car using a high-suction vacuum cleaner. It will lift the pressed-down dust and dirt from the car. You can use a cordless vacuum for ease of the task.
  • Use a bristle or a soft brush to scrub the dirt while vacuuming.
  • Now, remove the stiff dirt like chewing gum, etc by using a cleansing material, water, and a brush.
  • Shampoo the footwell properly. This is to remove the bad odour.
  • Spray a carpet cleaner and brush off the dirt. You can use a microfibre cloth for it.
  • The last vacuum to complete the process.

Steps to Clean Your Car Mats

  • Give it a quick wash to remove the top layer of dirt and dust off the floor mat. Now, shake the mat and bang it over a wall to make the dust lose. Wear some nose, mouth, and eye protection to save yourself from the dust.
  • Use a hosepipe to clean up any deep dust.
  • Use a carpet shampoo on the mat’s surface and leave it to soak up and rise the stubborn dust-up. Now, rub the mat using a brush to remove the soaked dirt away.
  • A vacuum will suck up all the dirt from the mat. You can also your hosepipe again.
  • At last, dry it and hang it somewhere safe from dirt and dust.

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