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In this world, every couple desires to become parents, so being parents can be exhilarating and heartwarming. But infertility, which nowadays has become a common phenomenon affecting every one in five couples, acts as a barrier to fulfilling their desire to become parents. Nowadays, it has become a common issue affecting the current generation.

The trend has become so high that it is increasing daily among couples. In the current situation, the infertility rates among couples are increasing for main reasons such as stress being the most important reason in this materialistic world, the others being an unhealthy lifestyle, lifestyle changes, etc. Nowadays, people’s various addictions, such as smoking and alcohol consumption, can also be the reason for fertility issues. Still, the most alarming fact is nowadays, women have fertility issues 40% of the time, males have 40% of the time, and both have 20% of the time.

When a woman or man is diagnosed with fertility issues, what comes first to their mind is that they can’t become parents, and their desire to become parents is all lost, but it is not a fact; with the advancements in various technologies, procedures and specialized doctors have shown much success and have shown them a ray of hope that they can conceive and give birth to healthy babies successfully.

Women diagnosed with fertility issues or infertility must be assisted in conceiving as it becomes impossible for the sperm and egg to meet without assistance. Modern Science has given rise to techniques like IVF and ICSI through advanced technologies and procedures to combat fertility.  One of such treatments that has shown many patients a great ray of hope is IVF, i.e., In Vitro Fertilization.

It is a treatment where specialized doctors combine an egg and a sperm outside the body and implant the embryo into the mother’s uterus; the technique and procedure of the treatment are unknown to many, so most couples hesitate to opt for these treatments but look for other treatments that can help them overcome their fertility issues.

The treatment has shown many positive outcomes, but the process or procedure involved in this treatment is complicated and confusing to navigate. Nevertheless, IVF has successfully treated many patients or couples and helped them conceive and give birth to healthy babies.

More than eight million babies have been born through the use of IVF or other assisted reproductive technology since the year of 1987.  The treatment is overwhelming and has higher success than any other reproductive treatment. However, IVF Cost in Delhi is between Rs 20,000 to Rs 2,50,000 and can be a bit costly for many to bear the cost of treatment.

IVF can be called to be one of the best and most successful treatments for its high success rate. The most important fact is that IVF is the last option when every treatment fails. People hoping to visit the Best IVF centre in India can do so without any doubts as they try to provide the best treatment and hear every couple’s needs.

There is no doubt that IVF has helped many parents or couples with sympathy and technologically sophisticated care. However, most people hesitate to move toward this treatment due to its cost, as many people can’t easily bear the cost of this treatment.

So, what are the truths to know about IVF for couples? Let’s discuss the truths one by one in this article.

Some truths to know about IVF

There are some truths to know about IVF. So, now let’s discuss this in this article.

#1. Pins and needles are used during the treatment

The success of IVF gets increased by Acupuncture. Acupuncture may increase embryo implantation rates and live birth success when used before, during, or after an IVF cycle. Other types of acupuncture are also used in other fertility treatments.

#2. Isolation is not needed for IVF patients

IVF has become a common phenomenon in this current generation affecting every one in five couples. Infertility is diagnosed among patients when the couple or parents has unsuccessfully tried to conceive for six to twelve months. Nowadays, infertility is related to women 40% of the time, men 40% of the time, and both 20% of the time.

#3. Sleep is one of the main factors for the success of IVF

Women who have a healthy sleep cycle or sleep well will more likely have a positive IVF cycle. Conversely, the IVF success rate may be lower for women who sleep less or too much. Lack of sleep can also cause other health disorders and hurt fertility. So, always a healthy sleep cycle is recommended for the effectiveness of the IVF treatment.

#4. All harvested eggs are not equal

After harvesting, the eggs are screened to see that only the healthiest are used for fertilization as it maximizes the possibility or the chance of fertilization.

#5. IVF doesn’t lead to multiple births

A myth prevails in the mind of couples or parents that IVF results in multiple births. Still, it is not true, as IVF treatment allows control for the number of embryos implanted. With the other fertility treatments such as oral or injectable medications with intercourse or insemination, there is no control as all the eggs that have matured in that cycle have the chance of getting fertilized and thus becoming pregnant. 

The main fact is that most couples or parents are unaware of the treatment, and various myths prevail in their minds. Multiple births occur in the fertility treatment known as Intrauterine Insemination(IUI).

#6. IVF can cause Ectopic pregnancies

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when an egg that is fertilized is inserted and grows outside the main cavity of the uterus. It occurs in the fallopian tube that carries eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. This type of pregnancy is called a tubal pregnancy. 

However, the most important fact is ectopic pregnancies can sometimes occur in other body parts, such as the ovary, abdominal cavity, or the lower part of the uterus, which connects to the vagina. In addition, embryo implantation can sometimes lead to an ectopic pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some truths about IVF. Although it is a treatment that uses sophisticated technologies, techniques, and procedures, a few issues are bringing down the success rate of this treatment. It may be due to people’s unawareness about the treatments, their techniques, their procedure, etc., and it also may be why couples’ minds are full of various myths about these treatments. 

But the fact is to clear these myths or misconceptions that prevail in their minds and to get better information, Couples or parents may visit IVF centers or clinics to get better information and clear the doubts that prevail in their minds and take the help of IVF in the right way. However, people are becoming aware and moving towards IVF if they face any fertility issues.

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