Panna Stone – The Green Beauty of Gems

Panna stone

Panna Gem has a name derived from the Sanskrit term “Marakata,” meaning green like spring. Panna Stone is Also known as Emeral Gemstone. They are also surrounded by many myths and tales about their power and beauty. The ancient Chaldeans believed that their goddess of love and war, Ishtar, was inside this stone. In some parts of the Middle East, people would carve verses from holy scriptures on emerald charms.

People born in May have Panna as their traditional birthstone, and it is also linked to the zodiac sign of Cancer. However, different cultures and traditions assign it to different months. For example, it is the January stone in mystical or Tibetan charts, the May stone in Polish and Russian charts, and the June stone in ancient Hebrew charts. This Gemstone is also a gift for celebrating the 20th and 35th year of marriage.

History of Panna Ratan

Panna Stone symbolized life and renewal for the ancient Egyptians. They often made emerald beetles and put them on the chest of a dead person to help them revive in the next world. The famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra loved this stone very much. The Romans used to think that light green emeralds Gem were not fully grown and that they became stronger as they turned darker. An ancient Roman writer and thinker named Pliny said that looking at the soothing green color helped his eyes relax. The Roman ruler Nero Augustus liked to watch fights between gladiators through a big Panna Gemstone because it made him feel calm.

Origin and Formation of Panna Gemstone 

Panna Ratan is usually found in Brazil, Zambia, Columbia, and Afghanistan. They are made of a mineral called Beryl. When Beryl is pure, it has no color. It gets its rich green color from the flaws of Vanadium, Chromium, or both. If there is enough room, this mineral can be made with the right heat and pressure with the help of beryllium, silicon, aluminum, and oxygen.

What treatments are done over the Panna and why?

Panna stones often need to be treated to improve their color, shine, and sparkle. It usually has more flaws than other gems. These treatments are meant to fix and protect cracks and gaps that happen naturally during growth. They also help make the Stone color more pure and green. Almost all Panna Stones are treated. The stone which was not been treated is very rare and can cost 10–20 times more than treated Stones. The most common treatments include using radiation, lasers, dyes, and oils. Panna Ratan treated with clarity only gets an oil treatment, which is normal in the industry. We don’t use dyes or color-enhancing methods that might not last.

The Emerald Gemstones are soaked in hot cedar oil as part of the oil treatment. The cedar oil has the same refractive index rating as the stone, which makes it a great choice for Panna Gem. The hot oil is supposed to go into fissures, cracks, and gaps. When inside, the cedar oil hardens, and the Stones are cooled. The Stone’s health and structure are improved, and as a result, there is a clear decrease in clarity flaws. Reducing the clarity of flaws will make more sparkle and shine and improve the color.

Panna Stone Price?

Panna stones are among the most valuable gems found. Their unique texture, color, sharpness, and clarity determine their price. The heavier the stone, the higher the price per carat. The price of emerald gemstones can change depending on where they come from The Origin Of the gem is affect the Pricing of gemstones, how they are treated, and how much they weigh. The color of the Panna is one of the key factors that affect the cost of the Gemstone, and the Original Panna Stone Or untreated Panna Stone is very expensive.

The Panna stone price starts from around Rs. 5,000 and can go up to Rs. 5,00,000 per carat or more depending on the quality. The price varies from place to place depending on the flaws, treatments, and the origin of the stone. The price and demand for the Emerald Gemstoine increase with the increasing weight and clarity of the stone. Panna is also one of the best stones to invest in. Investors find the price per carat of the Panna to be one of the best ones to make deals with.


Panna Stone, or Emerald Gemstone, is a beautiful and valuable gem that has a long and rich history. It is associated with various cultures, traditions, and beliefs that reflect its green color and vitality. It is also a rare and delicate stone that requires special care and treatment to enhance its appearance and durability. Panna Stone is a gem that can suit anyone who appreciates its elegance, charm, and power. Whether you are looking for a birthstone, a gift, or an investment, Panna Stone is a gem that will not disappoint you. So if you are looking to buy this Gemstone So you can visit Rashi Ratan Bhagya they are the Wholsaler of loose gemstones like Ruby, Blue Sapphire, pearl, Yellow Sapphire and so many other precious and semi-precious Gemstone at the best prices with the certificate of authenticity.

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