MEDHOST EHR: Transforming Healthcare

Transforming Healthcare With the MEDHOST EHR

MEDHOST provides market-leading enterprise, departmental and patient engagement solutions for healthcare facilities of all sizes. Its software automates a variety of tasks to enable operational improvements and meet day-to-day regulatory requirements. 

MEDHOST ingested structured EHR resource types as well as unstructured DocumentReference and other document-level resources into Amazon HealthLake. Then, using medical comprehension capabilities in HealthLake, MEDHOST derived ICD-10 codes, diagnoses, medications and RxNorm. 

Streamlined Patient Flow 

With MEDHOST’s fully integrated EHR, hospital staff members across the entire continuum can work in tandem to provide a continuous positive patient experience and improve overall operational efficiency. From tracking and charting in your emergency department to assisting physicians, managing ePrescriptions and scheduling, and billing–our core EHR functionalities help support your staff along important touchpoints on the patient journey. 

For example, MEDHOST’s physician documentation application was designed with direct input from physicians and aligns with current clinical workflows. This helps reduce keyboard time and allows physicians to spend more quality time with patients, helping to increase patient satisfaction. Moreover, a new ambient listening feature uses Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend to detect speech and text within the patient’s room, which decreases a physician’s need to manually enter information, freeing them up to focus on the task at hand. 

Likewise, MEDHOST’s ED information system, called AXON, gives physicians full access to their EHR from their iPad(r) mini, which easily fits into a lab coat pocket. The ability to manage EDIS information on the go allows physicians to keep up with their busy schedules even when they are outside of the hospital. This, in turn, helps ensure that they are able to document accurately and quickly while providing better care. 

Moreover, AXON’s integrated claims management solution automatically generates and submits patient statements while tracking reimbursements, following up on rejected claims and more. It also helps automate a variety of other important tasks that help to reduce manual error and boost revenue. Similarly, MEDHOST’s Patient Portal and YourCare Continuum applications empower patients to view their medical records, request appointments and submit prescriptions online. This helps to strengthen engagement, encourage collaboration and support interoperability and compliance across the healthcare community. 

More Accurate Treatment 

For decades, MEDHOST has provided enterprise information technology (IT) solutions to full-service community hospitals that include an integrated EHR. Healthcare facilities across the country depend on these advanced clinical and business tools to enhance patient care and operational excellence and to remain profitable. 

Using MEDHOST EHR, physicians can spend more time focusing on their patients instead of typing or clicking away at keyboards. MEDHOST’s ambient listening EHR solution uses Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend to decrease physician keyboard time so they can spend more time with their patients. 

MEDHOST EHR provides robust interoperability capabilities to strengthen care coordination and encourage patient engagement. This includes the ability to exchange medical summaries with ambulatory systems, facilitate services requests and referrals, and provide access for physicians to patient narratives and histories for more accurate diagnosis and data-driven decisions. 

As more and more healthcare workers are mobile, the need for a secure, robust mobile EHR has never been greater. MEDHOST offers a range of mobile applications that help healthcare professionals stay connected to patients and each other, even when they’re away from their desktops. 

The MEDHOST emergency department information system (EDIS) is designed to support the unique workflows of all types and sizes of hospital emergency departments, from small rural hospitals to large urban ones. Using EDIS, hospitals can reduce documentation errors, generate revenue, speed up patient throughput, and increase patient satisfaction. This is why many healthcare facilities choose to partner with MEDHOST. 

Increased Productivity 

Acute-care hospitals face staffing shortages, but MEDHOST enables them to improve productivity by enabling real-time information access. For example, MEDHOST OpCenter gives hospital leaders the executive visibility they need to proactively manage high-level issues that impact throughput, patient satisfaction and resource utilization. The system also identifies potential issues in the pipeline and alerts the relevant clinicians like OpenEMR Cloud. 

Likewise, MEDHOST EHR helps to streamline back office processes. With digitized insurance and billing data, hospital business offices can easily track patient reimbursements, prevent denials and spot errors, reducing the time accounts go past due and saving hours of administrative hassle. 

In addition, the 21st Century Cures Act mandates healthcare organizations provide patients and providers with secure access to their records through FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources). To meet these timelines and help their over 1,000 healthcare facility customers comply, MEDHOST needed a fast and scalable way to enable FHIR functionality. 

To address this need, MEDHOST deployed FHIR Works on AWS. FHIR Works is a fully managed and highly scalable service that makes MEDHOST’s clinical data instantly searchable. It automatically runs medical comprehension on unstructured data to generate derived insights, and MEDHOST can use these insights in their clinical applications without having to build and manage complex services, servers and data transformation pipelines. 

MEDHOST provides market-leading enterprise, departmental and healthcare engagement solutions for more than 1,000 healthcare facilities and generates notable operational, patient flow, care and revenue improvements. To ensure the success of its customers, MEDHOST regularly conducts advisory groups that bring together MEDHOST subject matter experts and solution users, including rural health. This collaboration enables MEDHOST to understand the user workflow journey and drive innovation in its technology solutions. 

More Effective Communication 

Patients with complex health needs and retail-like expectations expect an EHR that keeps them in the loop and provides tools to help them understand and manage their care. But many hospitals are stuck using clunky systems that confuse patients and frustrate physicians. This kind of friction makes it challenging to serve consumers and meet growing consumer demands. 

The right EHR platform can support your hospital’s unique services, practices and ethos and ensure that all aspects of the system align with the facility’s workflows. Successful implementation requires the involvement of stakeholders from all departments across the hospital to prevent potential challenges. 

MEDHOST’s comprehensive EHR offers an integrated, end-to-end system designed to support physician and administrative workflows. The EHR solution provides a single window into the most critical information necessary for providing quality healthcare. MEDHOST EHR supports all aspects of patient administration, from registration and scheduling to documentation and billing. It also offers interoperability between all medical systems for a seamless, efficient arrangement. 

A well-integrated EHR can eliminate the delays caused by manual data entry by automating tasks that previously required laborious documentation and processing. This can give physicians more face time with patients and reduce the amount of data they need to manually input. 

Moreover, an EHR that provides a user-friendly interface can improve communication between clinicians and patients. This can lead to more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans. It can also promote better collaboration between clinicians and help them provide more personalized care. This can also increase satisfaction and patient engagement. Moreover, an EHR that offers robust security features can protect sensitive information from misuse or unauthorized access. This can help avoid data tampering and misplacement, which is critical for preventing the spread of diseases. 

Increased Revenue 

Healthcare staff need a system that’s equipped to improve patient outcomes, enhance the patient experience and strengthen operational efficiency. That’s why MEDHOST has created a fully integrated EHR that is designed to support all hospital end-users along the care continuum. From streamlined ED workflows to physician orders and ePrescriptions, patient registration, scheduling and billing, our comprehensive approach to mastering the entire hospital ecosystem delivers the power to help hospitals boost their bottom line. 

With MEDHOST’s fully integrated EHR, physicians and staff can quickly and accurately document the patient experience with the click of a button. Its robust data-driven platform can also improve the quality of care through streamlined and intuitive tracking, charting and reporting systems. By enabling a seamless transition of information between care settings, the system can increase referrals, streamline patient follow-up appointments and encourage consumer engagement. 

As a leading EHR software provider, MEDHOST’s products are aligned with the latest industry standards and guidelines to promote better clinical outcomes, increase data integrity and support interoperability. In fact, MEDHOST’s Version 2 of its EHR is the first to be tested and certified by the Drummond Group, an ONC-ACB. 

As a result, hospitals can more efficiently and securely manage claims and reimbursements with fewer errors. This helps prevent denials and ensures that the hospital receives maximum reimbursement from payers for its services. In addition, the EHR software provides opportunities for self-service with a variety of features to help patients navigate their health information and access the services they need to stay healthy. 

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