Run-Flat Technology (RFT) tyres or RFTs are tyres which can run even without air density or a puncture/leak. These Run Flat tyres Fareham work for a short length of period with no air density in the tyre, allowing you to travel up to 70 kilometres with a flat tyre or no air density. Run-flat tyres have sturdier tyre sides and latex hooks for the wheels. So you no longer have to bother about having a flat tyre at an undesirable moment and can still carry the pressure of your vehicle so you can continue driving securely.


The idea is basic, but the gear is 21st-century. The majority of run-flat passenger tyres feature stronger sidewalls that can support your car after a rupture. Modern innovation is responsible for the development of the elements that provide structure and strengthen the sidewalls. These materials must be durable enough to sustain your car without pressurised air while being flexible enough to form a tyre.

If your car has Car tyres Fareham, remember that the purpose is not to drive indefinitely after a rupture. The further you continue to travel on a defective tyre, the greater the likelihood that you may do sufficient further deterioration to the tyre that it will need to have rebuilding rather than fixing.


Run-flat tyres are very handy when you get a puncture in adverse circumstances like rain, snow, traffic congestion, or darkness. Consult the owner’s handbook to determine the precise speed restriction and range the sidewalls can sustain.

When a rupture occurs, the sidewalls may share the rapid pressure with the surface by functioning as a frame. Therefore, the handling and turning may stay almost usual. Most vehicles with do not have a spare wheel, which reduces the vehicle’s weight. With the bulk of the spare tyre and equipment gone, fuel efficiency will improve.


Run-flat tyres cost more than standard tyres. This may be a decisive factor if you have a limited budget. Whenever you purchase a car having factory installation run-flat tyres, the chassis will have an alteration to accommodate the run-flats, resulting in an overall rougher ride.

Nevertheless, if you install them on a vehicle that originally came with regular tyres, one may feel a change in ride quality. Run flats may also be difficult to get since not all repair shops will carry them. Yet, they are readily accessible online. Also worth noting that once you have  installed, you must constantly check the tyre pressure. Many still may tell we have a concern with our tyres just by seeing the telltale protrusion. Yet run-flat tyres do not function in this manner; they do not flare when there is a problem.


There are several justifications for installing RFTs in automobiles. Run-flat tech is very useful in an extreme situations. For instance, if you are under assault and your tyres blew out or have a puncture, you will be alone on the side of the road.

These tyres let you run from perilous circumstances and reach a safe location. To increase the comfort and integrity of your cars, you may outfit them with armour plating and run-flat tyres. Especially if you are not in danger, run-flat tyre technology is of great assistance.


You can’t drive indefinitely on run-flat tyres that have a puncture. However, unlike ordinary tyres, run-flats do not need urgent replacement. How long you can travel on RFTs depends on a variety of variables, including the state of the tyre, the production material, your driving velocity, and the status of the roads.

If a tyre is in excellent condition, you may drive up to 90 miles without stopping. Likewise, if you use fresh, high-quality tyres or RFTs, you may go up to 100 kilometres. To go the greater range, though, you will need to drop your vehicle’s pace to 40 mph. If you do not drop your pace to 30 or 40 miles per hour, you may not be able to go even 50 km.

Additionally, you can go farther on a road in excellent condition. Instead, you are in limitation to a few kilometres of travel. Despite travelling 50 or 100 miles, you cannot drive continuously with a flat tyre. Therefore, you must rush to a workshop or a safe location to replace the tyre as rapidly as feasible.


Whilst there are extremely strong reasons against the advantages, run-flat Car tyres Fareham cannot be in ignorance. Run-flat tyres that have repeatedly proven themselves in challenging scenarios might be the best option for you. Despite they may be more costly, these few additional cents may be worthwhile if they help you escape a tricky position.

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