Is Your Hot Water System Leaking? Follow These Steps!

Hot Water System Leaking

A leaky water heating system is one of the biggest concerns in any Sydney household. It leaves you without any hot water and presents severe water damage risks. Though it will look like a minor issue initially, a leaking water heater will worsen over time. So it would help if you did not waste time determining the root cause and fixing the leak. Before calling the plumber for hot water service and repairs, there are some things that you can do to prevent the water heater leak from worsening.

Find Out The Type of Water Heater

You may or may not know what type of water heater you may have, so the first thing is to determine it. Here are the popular types of water heaters:

  • Electric storage water tank
  • Gas storage water tank
  • Gas continuous flow/ instantaneous system
  • Heat pump hot water unit
  • Solar hot water system

The type of water heater and its fuel source will determine the steps required to halt a leak.

Find Out The Source Of The Leak

Is the water leaking from the storage tank, pipework, or a valve around the system? Finding the leak’s location is vital, as it will help the plumber solve the leak’s source. It may also point out how much trouble you’re facing. Evaluate the situation to see whether the leak is at the top or bottom of a tank. If a leak comes from the bottom of the tank, it may cause severe issues as a large amount of water gets spilled out with intense force pushing down.

If there is a leak in a wall-mounted instantaneous flow unit, it could be quickly halted by turning off the water supply. Different circumstances can place added pressure on the water heating system. A leaking pressure/temperature relief valve is another scenario. Leaking valve is quite common and straightforward to repair or replace. If it looks like there’s no water flowing from a water heater, make sure to check any other exposed plumbing. The issue may be further down the pipe, where leaks aren’t as evident. If you suspect or notice water leaks, take some time to investigate the entire water heating system.

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Stop the Water Supply by Turning It Off

Turn off the water supply immediately when you detect water leaks and the severity. So go to the main water meter at your property’s front and turn off the tap. Typically, the water meter is in the front yard, possibly along the boundary fence connecting the street or near the driveway.

Turning off the water mains will help prevent the leak from worsening and safeguard against invasive water damage or flooding. If you have the facility to turn off the water supply without having to interrupt the entire home, that’s beneficial. Some hot water systems come with an inbound tap with a unique knob that you can turn off to halt the direct water flow.

Turn Off the Gas or Electricity Supply

If you have a water heating system running on gas, you must turn off the gas isolation valve connected to the water heater. With both water supply and gas off, you can be sure to curtail any additional leak risk.

Suppose you have an electric or solar water heater, and there is a risk of electrical shock, then you need to turn off the power supply at the switchboard. The circuit breaker or switch should be clearly labelled so you can isolate the hot water system circuit safely. This way, you can have power for the rest of your home and avert a further disaster from a leaky water heating storage tank.

Contact a Licensed Plumber

Once you have gone through the above steps, it is time to contact a licensed plumber. The licensed plumber will reach your place and repair or replace the water heating system. If your water heater is leaking and you cannot halt the leak, the plumber will be able to turn it off with precision. Next, the licensed plumber can repair and fix the existing leak or install a new hot water system without delay. Also, check if the water heating unit is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. If it is under warranty, you will have to call an authorised plumber, so the warranty is not voided. If you’re not sure, always contact a licensed plumber, and they can provide quick and efficient hot water repairs in Sydney.

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