Is Wood Or Concrete Fence Posts Best For Your Home And Garden?

Concrete Fence Posts

Wood and concrete are popular fencing options, and both have distinctive benefits and drawbacks. Here, we will look at the main differences between wood and concrete fence posts, which will help you choose the best option for creating a secure boundary line around your home and garden.


  • You can buy wooden posts in kits, which include all the accessories required for installation, such as caps, posts and connectors. It is easy to install wooden posts as they weigh less than concrete. Natural materials like stone can be used to create a design feature and complement well with the wooden fence.
  • Customisation is not possible with concrete fence post installation. And installing concrete fence posts requires more equipment and isn’t visually appealing when installed in a natural environment.


  • As wooden posts can decay, it requires regular maintenance. Wooden fence posts are less durable than concrete, as they won’t be able to tolerate the same amount of wind in open areas without cracking or blowing over.
  • Concrete posts are highly durable, can tolerate high winds in open areas, and can serve a lifetime with proper care; however, they don’t require any maintenance post installation.

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  • Wooden posts being a natural material, can gradually decay with time. Wooden posts need to be treated at regular intervals; else, they will rot or be eaten away by insects. Furthermore, after every year or two, fence paint or stain needs to be applied to the wooden fence posts to preserve them in good condition; otherwise, they will fade or decay sooner.
  • Concrete is a robust and durable material that will not be eaten by insects or decay. Concrete can provide a longer lifespan as long as it is not subject to impacts that could crack or break it. Concrete can chip or crack in a way that wood can’t.


As wooden fencing is fixed with nails or screws to the posts, they are more secure and provide better protection against intruders than concrete fence posts. That’s because the fence panels can be easily removed from the concrete post slots, leaving your property unprotected.


  • Installing a slotted wooden fence post with pressure-treated timber with adequate drainage will last around 15 years without decaying.
  • Installing concrete fence posts will last between 12 and 18+ years.

Environmental Impact

  • Wooden posts, a renewable resource, are an eco-friendly alternative for your fence installation.
  • Though concrete remains an extensively used material, it is not an environmentally-friendly option.


  • Wooden posts provide a natural feel and are an affordable fencing solution, but they require maintenance at regular intervals and replacement after certain years.
  • Concrete posts are pricier than wooden posts but do not require any maintenance after installation, and they last for many years.

Wrapping Up

  • Concrete fence posts are durable, require less maintenance and can last up to 18+ years – it’s like investing once and forget.
  • Wooden fence posts offer more customisation options, are aesthetically appealing and are an environmentally-friendly option. And high-quality pressure-treated timber with adequate drainage will last around 15 years without rotting.

To get that fantastic look that endures for many coming years, you can set up decorative fence posts. By installing a fitting gate and fence posts, you get privacy, and safety and at the same time, it provides a beautiful appearance for your property. So depending on your requirements, you can opt between wooden and concrete fence posts in Sydney, and you won’t go wrong by installing either.

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