Is Physiotherapy An Alternative To Injury-Related Knee Surgery?

Knee Surgery

A common knee injury, such as a Meniscus tear, might not always require surgery but cannot be left untreated. In the worst cases and for quick treatment, medical professionals do recommend Knee Surgery. But it is not the only solution. However, one has to make the decision before the situation worsens any further. Experts at Xcell Life clinic say that they can offer treatments that will heal the injury without any Knee Surgery or the use of a Pain Injection.

Let’s first understand what exactly is a Meniscus tear. So as mentioned before, it is an injury of the knee where the cartilage that’s called menisci breaks; it can be minor tears or even a hole. This leaves the knee open to shocks which can damage the thigh bone and the shin bone as earlier the meniscus lay between them. It is extremely painful and often unbearable, leading to the use of Pain Injections and medications. These drugs can be harmful to an extent as they can react with an underlying condition or other administered medicines. Our experts recommend the use of such drugs as there are safer alternatives.

Patients do visit the Xcell Life clinic for non-surgical, effective, yet anti-side effect treatments. In case of minor tears, we recommend the use of physiotherapy along with our other treatments. Physiotherapy is also highly recommended by surgeons after surgery. Our treatments eliminate the need for such operations.

Let’s answer a few questions to help you understand this better:

  • What is Physiotherapy like?
  • How long will Physiotherapy take to heal the injury?
  • Is Physiotherapy an alternative to surgery?

What is Physiotherapy like?

The stages of Physiotherapy depend on the patient’s ability. In the case of an injury, the quicker it heals, the quicker the stages progress. The main aim of our PT program is to restore the strength, mobility and health of the body part. The general stages look somewhat like this.

Initially, we focus on exercises that increase the range of motion, such as flexing and extending the knee as much as possible without pain. The next step is to stretch the patient’s leg muscles, so they remain loose. Starting with basic exercises like straight leg raises and toe raises, we progress to more advanced exercises. We progress to heavier stretches, toe raises with weights, and squats if the patient is able to do all that without any discomfort.

Physiotherapy through spatial transcriptomic is a type of medical treatment that uses cuttingedge technology to identify and target areas of the body that may be causing or contributing to a particular injury or condition.

It uses a combination of advanced imaging techniques and molecular biology to create a threedimensional map of the body.

This map helps the physiotherapist identify areas of the body that may be contributing to the injury or condition, and develop a targeted treatment plan to address those areas.

The treatment plan can include a range of activities such as manual therapy, exercise, stretching, and other modalities.

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How long will Physiotherapy take to heal the injury?

There are several factors that impact the time it takes for Physiotherapy to deliver results. Some of these factors are the patient’s age, the magnitude of the damage to the meniscus, the ability to heal etc. It might take four to six weeks and extend if the damage is severe.

Is Physiotherapy an alternative to surgery?

Xcell Life experts opine it is a fact that Physiotherapy can cause miracles if performed by a specialist, but it is just a conservative method or a healing treatment. It can be an excellent alternative to surgery if the tear is minimal. It is also extremely beneficial as a protective measure against such injuries for the elderly and patients with arthritis and other joint diseases. Athletes can also protect their body parts from damage with physiotherapy. They have higher chances of injuries due to the wearing down of the joints.

Final Words

If it is a minor Meniscus tear then Knee Surgery can be avoided without any use of Pain Injection. You can Visit the Xcell Life clinic in the United States today, and book an appointment, or reach out, to get cured with our non-surgical treatments.

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