Ideas To Host Your Wedding Events & Big Parties In Dubai

Wedding Events & Big Parties In Dubai

A wedding is not just a ceremony or reception, it’s a promise between two couples and family to stay together in sorrow and happiness. This is a big day for everyone so, everyone has some plans. It is a tradition to bring all the family members and friends together on the same day and time to celebrate the moment.

It’s interesting to know that, there are many wedding events like bridal showers, mehndi, Barat, and reception. Every day is of equal importance to us. No one can compromise even a single thing. Other big events like corporate events and birthday parties are also celebrated with great concern. First of all, we should decide on the venue as possible. There are a lot of restaurants, hotels, and cafes for celebrating big events. However, a lot of party packages for each event are available at every place.

Best Places To Cater Big Events 

Following are some ideas to host big events like wedding ceremonies and corporate events.

1. Al-maha Desert Resort

It is an outdoor venue having a capacity of 300 guests and a beautiful view that every guest will love and admire. Al-Maha desert resort proved to be a unique venue because it has dunes in the background. Hence, this 5-star gourmet catering facility is available and it will prove to be a dream come true.

2. Yacht Rental Dubai

Yacht rental Dubai offers a variety of yachts from 33ft to 220 ft depending upon the choice. When it comes to the event then several guests will decide which yacht is to be booked. There are many big yachts like the lotus mega yacht or desert rose yacht which prove to be the best yacht for big events like wedding ceremonies or corporate events. However, Lotus mega yacht has a capacity of about 500 guests. The Desert rose yacht has a capacity of 250 guests. Make a guest list for the event and then go for booking. Furthermore, the yacht offers a variety of delicious food with a 5-star catering service. You can add live BBQ, live music, and personalized decoration according to the event on the yacht. The crew and captain will work hard to make the event successful.

3. Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis, the palm is just as beautiful as a paradise. It uniquely proves to be a perfect place for lovers, they can have their wedding event without any disturbance with the beautiful vibes because of the surrounding sea. Along with this, guests can witness the beauty of the man-made island and also capture their beautiful pictures.

4. Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club

Some people love to celebrate events in daylight, Dubai polo and equestrian will allow enjoying the beauty of green polo fields. At night, the venue looks more beautiful as it glows like a firefly and gives a soothing effect to the mind and body. Hence, the wedding event changes into a fairytale at the Dubai polo as the bride can come on a horse-drawn carriage. Moreover, it also has a big area which can accommodate 400 guests easily.

5. The Address Hotel

Lush lawns, beautifully scented gardens, and nature lovers will make you fall in the beauty of The Address hotel. It has the largest outdoor venue and inside sitting area also. Hence, the hotel offers amazing catering service and ensures the comfort of the guests by providing them with a relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, the ambiance of the hotel is best suited to big events like weddings and corporate parties. Along with this, the guests will admire the aesthetic sense of the host and get impressed easily.

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