How Video Marketing can Boost your SEO Strategy

Video Marketing

With the help of various methods, we can perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The most general or regular method is by writing a piece of content rich with keywords or some traffic-driven phrases. In contrast, other methods that have been implemented for SEO are creating new backlinks, deleting broken links, and enhancing website speed.

Other than all these ways, Video Marketing is a new method that is too impactful and effective in boosting SEO. Adding a video on your website will increase engagement, and people will be more driven than before toward your website. It also helps people understand things in a simple and better way.

If you are unclear about the SEO aspect in a way that what it is and how it works in increasing the ranking of a website, here is an overview to clarify things.

What is SEO, & How it Works?

People always wonder why some regular websites come to the top when searching for relevant queries. Due to the SEO task, they increase the quality of the website and cause it to come to the top of the Search engine results page whenever you search for anything relevant. The higher websites possess the maximum probability that people will click on them and come to your website, which will directly increase traffic, so it is worth giving a shot or investing time to do SEO for great results.

A search engine works based on algorithms whenever someone searches for anything in the search bar, so websites with rich content related to that query are coming on top. It can only be done by rich SEO. Otherwise, your website would come on the second on the third page. Most people visit a website that has come in the top 5 or top 3, so if your website comes in the lower number, it decreases your chances of getting noticed.

How SEO can boost through video marketing

As soon as you add a video to your website, the value and many more things increase, including increasing the click rate through SERP (Search engine results page), increasing the time rate on your website, and decreasing the bounce rate.

If someone comes to your website and does not leave the page immediately while disbursing a fair amount of time, then it means the search engine understands that the content on your website is valuable. It will, in turn, increase the chances of your website appearing on top. If there is a video on a page, then the time spent by someone coming to your website is double compared to the website that doesn’t have a video.

The search engine algorithms give the website more value with text, images, and video content. It doesn’t mean that you can post any video and see the increasing number of traffic or backlinks from your website. You need to take care of one more thing, i.e., the video you are adding must be high-quality both in content and video. Otherwise, the consequences will be there, and people will leave your website because the quality leads to the descending of traffic, which lowers the website’s ranking in search engines.

Here are the three approaches that justify how video marketing boosts SEO strategy:

1. Posting video results in enhancing the quality and profundity of your SEO content

Search Engine acts so that whenever anyone searches for any query, it throws out websites on the top with relevant and rich content for that particular query. On the other hand, Videos comprise the visuals which help connect with the content presented on the website.

We can take an instance here, suppose you have a website, and your product is an antivirus. The content related to the product you are selling, i.e., antivirus, has been surely there on the website. What type of antivirus are you selling, what are the characteristics of that antivirus, and why should we use that antivirus? But if there is a video explaining how it works, it will add more value to your website as it proves the content while showing the things as a piece of evidence.

Visuals always impact more than written content. So imparting the information of how your website is better than others through video is far more engaging rather than only content. Video content for SEO produces comprehensive quality content that helps your website stand out on top in SERP and places you far ahead in the race with the competitors.

2. Videos raise user experience and escalate time spent on your website

Videos on the website are an asset that engages people more and causes them to stay for more time on your website. It makes the overall face of the website attractive and appealing. Adding a video to your entire content makes people busy watching the video, which increases spending time on your website. In turn, it sends positive reports to search engines that the content on this website is up to mark then it starts ranking you on the top.

3. Videos also help in acquiring more backlinks

Several backlinks are already subsisting on your website, but the quality matters more than the number of backlinks already exist. If the sites with higher domain authority are linked up with your website, it is even better, as high-quality links are much more valuable. These specific backlinks show that some well-known websites even think that your content is worthy enough, so they also want to share it.

Your video needs to be unique and distinct if you want it to grab the attention of others. The video needs to invoke some sense of emotion, like a piece of information, an entertaining side, or maybe a surprising element. As a video connects with the audience, they want to share it with others, which ultimately makes the video viral to websites with high domain authority.

Whenever you are planning to make a video aiming to increase the SEO of a website, then, before uploading the video on the website, try to find the answer to these given questions and if you get “no” in response as an answer of any of these questions then try to recreate the video. The questions are given here below:

• Can you be able to form a connection with the video?
• Is the content of the video of high quality, interesting, and relevant to the targeted audience?
• Does the content of your video contain any emotion?
• Does the video have an informational piece regarding your services?

If your video can easily surpass these conditions, go ahead and embed it, and it will amplify your SEO.

To sum up

Overall, it can be said that there are many ways to do SEO, but video marketing is an emerging option with much more impact than anything else. There are various ways in which video marketing can improve the SEO of any particular website. Video marketing can do everything from creating new backlinks from the high domain’s authoritative source to increasing the time spent on the website, which will ultimately result in a higher ranking of this website on the top pages so that the interaction of the people will increase.

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