How to Remove Candle Wax from a Carpet

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Getting candle wax stains on your carpet is annoying, but removing it the wrong way can be even more stressful. You need to do some essential steps to clean your carpet completely from candle wax.

Stop scrolling over social media videos to find the tutorials because we’ve rounded up the right ways to remove candle wax from a carpet and how to clean the stains using household tools without damaging it. Let’s jump right in!

What is the Easiest Way to Remove Candle Wax?

Removing candle wax from a carpet can be challenging, but it doesn’t mean impossible. You can remove it using household equipment, such as a butter knife, spoon, wet cotton towel, clothing iron or hair dryer, and carpet cleaner. Here’s the step:

1. Scrape the Hardened Wax 

The first step is to remove the hardened wax on the carpet surface by scraping it with a butter knife or spoon. You can scrape as much wax as possible to leave you with minimum excess.

It’s important to be gentle at this step to maintain the quality of your carpet, especially Berber carpets. If the surface gets fuzzy, you can use the scissors’ pivot to push the fuzzy area lightly and trim the fuzz.

To get the most out of the hardened wax on your carpet, use a vacuum cleaner to finish your work in the first stage.

2. Use a Wet towel and Iron the Carpet

When you’ve scraped it enough, ironing your carpet is next. You can use a heat exchange technique to clean the remaining wax. You will need to use a damp towel (or some) and an iron. 

Put your damp cotton towel over the wax and press your high-heat iron on top of it. Press your iron onto the towel for ten seconds to transfer the heat into the carpet. The heat will melt the remaining wax, and the towel will absorb it.

Repeat this process several times until the wax is completely gone from your carpet. Your towel may also dry up due to the heat; if this happens, change with another damp towel.

3. Spray the Surface with a Carpet Cleaner

The wax can potentially leave stains on your carpet, especially on bright-colored carpets. If the discoloration annoys you, consider using carpet stain remover that you can get on the market or online shop.

Spray the cleaner on the infected area and scrub it with a spoon. Use a clean cotton towel to remove excess moisture from the spray and let it dry naturally. 

It’s normal if you see the color of the carpet slightly darker during this process. You can wait until it is completely dry and see whether or not the stain is still there. If yes, several attempts of scrubbing may be necessary.

4. Vacuum the Carpet

After your carpet is completely dry and you feel satisfied with the result, the last step is to vacuum it. Vacuuming your carpet can remove dirt, restore the carpet’s fluffiness, and distribute the fibers evenly.

Do Candle Wax Stains Come Out?

Yes, candle wax can potentially leave stains on carpets. If the stain is from a white candle, your carpets may get darker discoloration on the stained area. However, the stains can also be in other colors depending on your candle.

When candle wax leaves stains on your carpet, a heavy-duty carpet cleaner can come to the rescue. Some recommendations you can try are Bissel Pro Oxy Power Spot, Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover, and Carbona Oxy Powered Carpet Cleaner.

If the stain remains after the first attempt of spraying and scrubbing, try several more attempts until you’re satisfied with the result. You can gently scrub the stained area with a metal spoon and wipe it using a damp towel several times.

How Do You Get Candle Wax Stains Out of a Carpet Without Heat?

Using heat is preferable to clean candle wax on a carpet as it works faster. The heat will help melt the excess wax, and a damp towel will absorb the residue. However, if your carpet is heat-sensitive, there is another way you can try.

You will need a butter knife or spoon, rubbing alcohol or white vinegar, and cornstarch. Scrape off the hardened wax on the surface with a knife or spoon. Remember to stay gentle during this process.

Continue with applying a moderate amount of rubbing alcohol or white vinegar (dissolved in water with a 1:3 ratio) on a cloth. You can use the alcohol-damp cloth to rub the stained area. Repeat this step several times to remove the stains completely.

Once you’re satisfied with the result, sprinkle cornstarch or talcum powder over the stain. You can leave it to sit and absorb the moisture and any remaining wax. After a few hours, you can clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

How to Clean Candle Wax Stains Off a Wall or Baseboard?

Removing candle wax from a wall or baseboard can be tricky. You may accidentally leave a scar on the surface if you’re not careful. 

If the stain is not much, avoid using a knife or spoon. Instead, you can use a hair dryer at medium temperature to melt the wax and a cloth to wipe it. 

For a gentler spray remover, you can use vinegar and water with a 1:3 ratio. Apply it to the stained area and gently wipe it with a cloth until clean. This homemade spray can prevent you from damaging the paint beneath.

What Should You Not Do When Trying to Remove Candle Wax Stains?

Cleaning candle wax on a carpet, wall, wooden table, or any surface requires you to be gentle and careful. An important thing you shouldn’t do when removing candle wax from a surface is to scrape abruptly.

Often we need to scrape hardened wax with a knife, spoon, card, or other tools with sharp edges. If you don’t do it gently, it can scratch the surface. Meanwhile, doing it on a rug or carpet can damage the surface and make it fuzzy.

Another thing is to avoid using metal or sharp tools to scrape candle wax on a wooden surface. You can clean it with a hair dryer and wipe the melted wax with a cloth to avoid scratches. You can continue wiping the stained area with dissolved vinegar water and let it dry naturally.


Don’t rush yourself to throw away your candle wax-stained carpet or buy a new one. You can still get it cleaned at home with equipment at your house. Follow the above steps to get the optimum result.


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