How To Choose Time Tracking Software For Your Small Business Needs

Time Tracking Software

What Exactly Is Time Tracking?

Time tracking is the process of recording an employee’s working hours. The number of hours spent on activities or projects is then used to calculate an employee’s pay. And when this time tracking process is documented using online employee timesheet software, it becomes easier to manage a group of employees on your own.

Time entries are used not only for payroll but also as a secure way for managers to determine how long it takes to perform specific tasks and where an employee spends their time. Knowing which jobs consume the most time allows you to assess whether that time was well spent.

Working hours tracking is not a new concept in the industry. However, the practise is now evolving with the passage of time. Employees can be easily monitored using time tracking and employee system monitoring software.

Jobs that take the most time to complete or that do not necessarily add the most value are the ones that take the most time. Quite often, the opposite is true.

Be Aware Of Your Requirements

Before you even start looking for software, you should know exactly what you need. If you don’t, your chances of finding the appropriate software are slim. Make a list of all of the features that are important to you. For instance, if you want integrated software, make a note of it so you don’t forget about it.

Similarly, it may be critical that the software includes a good customer service team.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Time Tracking Tool 

# Make A List Of Essential Features

As previously stated, you should make a list of must-have features before beginning your search. This will make determining which employee timesheet software is best for you much easier.

Many high-quality software products are prohibitively expensive. What matters is that the required features are present. You’re more likely to find a product worth the extra money if you make a list of must-have features.

# Verify Compatibility And Usability

It is best if you select timesheet management software that is compatible with your computer. This will help to avoid any unnecessary complications in the future. However, this could lead to a slew of problems in the future, and you may come to regret your decision.

Similarly, you should determine whether the software is user-friendly, especially if you intend to allow your employees to enter their own data. Finally, it is critical that you select cloud-based software. This allows you to access your data from anywhere, at any time.

# Check Out The User Reviews

When you’ve narrowed your search to a few products, you should read the user reviews. This will provide you with a better understanding of what to expect from the software.

In the long run, this will save you time and effort. Furthermore, it will enable you to identify any potential issues with the products before you make the purchase. You might even come across reviews that mention the same feature you’re looking for. This can help you make a better decision.

There is a lot of software available on the internet. We agree that you should look much deeper to find the best time tracking tool.

How Desktrack Is The Best Time Tracking Software For Employees

It is a successful employee time tracking software with many clever features that allow businesses to identify and reward top performers. These elements are critical and necessary in today’s business environment to boost productivity and degree of control over current initiatives. DeskTrack made it simple to keep track of your employees’ activities during working hours by tracking their activity.

Let Us Take A Look At The Free Features Available (15-day Trial)

  • For 1–5 users
  • URL and application tracking
  • Real time Dashboard
  • Tracking of idle time
  • Alerts for Productivity Calculation
  • Email reports automatically
  • Screenshots taken automatically
  • Approval during downtime/idle time
  • Scheduling shifts
  • Projects and tasks are limitless.
  • Payroll
  • Keystroke tracking
  • Permissions and multiple roles
  • Option for personal time
  • Modes of Stealth and Un-Stealth
  • Customized reports
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