How to Choose a Great Tyre in 30 Minutes?

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Firstly, I don’t want to choose car tyres for you – there are enough tyre salesmen in the world already. And I’m not going to tell you what’s best either, because that all depends on what you’re looking for in a tyre. When we get into it, you’ll see that there are different technologies and philosophies of making tyres out there – so it’s mostly about finding what suits your riding style and needs best.

The first step is getting some history straight. Tyres have changed A LOT since they were first used on an actual bicycle…not just something like this:

And if you go back even further, you will get to these bad boys: So there has been A LOT of development over the years, and that’s what we’re going to be focusing on.

Now We Can Get Into It

You need to establish the first thing: What sort of rider are you? The following questions will help: Are you a recreational weekend warrior or do you race? Do you go off-road much (your answer will determine the type of tyre that suits your purposes best)?

How Fast Do You Ride? 

Is there much stopping and starting, or is speed more important than control? This indicates that you may need to adjust the tyre pressures and types for your driving style. The different types of Michelin Tyres Redditch are suitable for these criteria. So if your requirements change from one scenario to another, this means there is a need for a new set of tyres.

Now, Let’s Break It Down

The styles/types of the tyre can usually be split into one of the following categories: Racing tyres, Endurance road tyres, Pro-Tour / Classics (suitable explicitly for rough roads) and Mountain Bike Tyres. There are subcategories for each type, which will be expanded upon by scrolling further down.

Start with Racing Tyres: These are generally for speed or track riding. They don’t like corners much (or any). And they’re not too fond of wet weather either. Those who know what they’re doing can do with these tyres. They’ve got slicks, semi-slicks and super-slicks. For the most part, you’ll see these kinds of tyres on racing bikes (track or road) and sometimes on mountain bikes. As the name suggests, Slicks are tyres without any tread pattern to them. 

They’re more complex and faster but not as good in wet/poor conditions as semi-slicks (subtle patterns). One can use semi-slicks pretty much anywhere, including gravel tracks. They’re great rounders. And super slicks, well, anyone who races bicycles knows what these are like. They even make unique pedals for these tyres because when you grip the pedal with your shoe, it makes your foot slip off. These are not suitable for everyday use. They are more like for the track only. They’re ‘clutch’ tyres in that if you lock up the wheel (by braking too hard while cornering), you’ll almost certainly crash. So it’s advisable to use these on bikes with disk brakes.

Examples of Different Tyres:

  • Slicks 
  • Semi-slicks 
  • Super slicks

Endurance Road Tyres: These are great rounders, they’re good in wet weather and their grip is better than racing tyres. They’re perfect for speed but not as much. So they’re ideal on mountain roads where there are lots of bends, allowing you to get around them faster. Traction becomes essential when you start doing high speeds, so these do well there. Endurance road tyres are very similar to race tyres apart from a few key characteristics: they have less tread/pattern on them, a more stable sidewall, and the rubber compound is suitable for high speeds. If you’re interested in buying tyres like this, check out Continental Grand Prix 5000s.

Pro-Tour/ Classics: These are specifically for rough roads. They come with a lot of tread/pattern on them to help against punctures and their rubber compound is very hard so they can deal with large stones without damaging the tire much (the downside to this is that they wear down quickly). 

It’s advisable that if you ride off-road or drive through rough terrain much, these tyres are the best. They will suit your purposes best. There aren’t any specific names I know of for this type. It’s usually just labelled ‘tyre for rough roads.

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