How to Care For Your Baby’s Penis After Circumcision

Baby’s Penis Circumcision

Circumcision is a procedure performed to remove the foreskin, typically done when babies are very young. A doctor will use a scalpel and clamp to separate the foreskin from the head of the penis.

Typically, this procedure only takes a few minutes. After taking off the foreskin, ointment is applied and then covered with either bandage or plastic ring for protection.

What happens during the procedure?

Circumcision can be done for various reasons, and your baby will receive either a general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic to make them comfortable during the procedure. This helps them relax and not worry about what lies ahead.

Once anaesthetic has taken effect, your baby’s penis will be cut open to remove its foreskin. Any bleeding will be stopped with heat (cauterization) and any remaining skin stitched together using dissolving sutures.

Your baby may cry or scream after the procedure, but this is perfectly normal. The tip of their penis may look bright red afterward; however, this should fade over the course of several weeks.

If your child experiences bleeding, spitting up, or difficulty passing urine, contact the doctor right away. A few drops of blood is okay, but continuous bleeding or more than a coin-sized patch of blood on their diaper indicates that they’re not feeling well.

How long does it take to heal?

In most cases, circumcision doctor melbourne heals without any issues. However, some individuals may experience itching or pain during their recovery period.

In such cases, a painkiller may be prescribed to reduce any discomfort. If the discomfort persists, speak to your doctor.

Wound infection is another common complication that affects approximately one out of every 200 circumcised boys.

Your doctor will provide instructions on how to care for your baby’s penis after the procedure. Soaking the circumcision area 5-10 minutes twice daily helps promote healing.

Typically, the plastic ring covering the circumcision site will fall off within 7 to 14 days (average 10). At day 3, the incision should be red and tender; however, by week three you should notice marked improvement in comfort. A yellowish-white film on the head of the penis is also common.

What should I expect after the procedure?

pad for babies is a commonly performed surgical procedure that typically heals without major complications. However, during the healing period it is essential to follow your doctor’s instructions for care as prescribed.

Your doctor will prescribe pain medicines to take as prescribed, and may also suggest applying petroleum jelly on the circumcision site during each diaper change. This helps keep stitches from sticking to clothing or irrigating the wound.

You may notice a yellow-whitish film developing on the head of your penis within the first few days after surgery; this is normal and shouldn’t be seen as an indication of infection.

Uncircumcised foreskins put men at risk for phimosis (where the skin becomes too tight and cannot be pulled back) or paraphimosis (when the foreskin gets stuck behind the tip of the penis). These conditions can be painful, hinder sexual function, and make it easier for harmful infections to take hold.

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How do I care for my baby’s penis?

Once your baby’s penis has healed, it is essential to care for it properly. This includes keeping the area clean, eliminating any poop that may have formed therein, and using warm water to gently cleanse with.

After circumcision, the area behind the glans (known as “the glans ring”) may become swollen. While some parents mistake this for a blister, it is perfectly normal and should clear up within a week or two.

It is essential to replace the dressing your doctor puts on your penis, which typically consists of gauze with petroleum jelly. This should remain in place for 24 hours.

If you notice any bleeding or the bandage is sticking to your baby’s diaper, dab of Vaseline onto it. This helps keep the bandage secure around the penis.

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