How Does Your Tyre Determine Your Braking Distance?

Braking Distance

Imagine going at a certain speed on a wet road and you need to pull the brakes immediately, but the tyres skid. The unimaginable situation, right?

Well, no one can predict when you might need to brake suddenly. But, your brakes and tyres should be efficient enough to handle the situation.

Yes, you read it right! Brakes and TYRES!

Tyres are equally important in determining your braking distance and braking efficiency. But not every person realises the importance of tyres in this situation. Just like you are concerned about your brakes working fine, you need to check on your tyres too.

But, the term “stopping distance” has two phases. “Thinking distance”- is the time required for the driver to react to a situation. “Braking distance”- this is the distance travelled by the vehicle after applying the brakes and until it halts. The reason you should pay focus on your tyres is that this stopping distance can be doubled on wet roadways.

How does the tyre condition affect stopping distances?

Yes, not only your brakes but your tyres’ conditions also affect your car’s braking distance. If your tyres are incorrectly-inflated, degraded or ruptured, they can pose some serious threats to the driver and the passengers in the vehicle. Not to forget the people on the road too! These issues affect the gripping ability of your tyres and water expelling capacity too. These can be dangerous in wet road conditions.

How Dangerous Are Worn tyres?

Worn tyres are the ones with ruptures, bulges, cracks, etc in them. Do you need more justification as to why are they dangerous?

Then imagine two vehicles running at approx 50 mph. One car has brand new tyres with a tread depth of around 8mm and the other is just about to hit 1.6mm, the legal minimum tread depth. If both the vehicles are hitting the brake at the same time, the former vehicle with 8mm tread depth would stop nearly 14 metres shorter than the latter vehicle. This distance mounts to three car lengths approximately. What if there would be something in the place of that 3 car length?

This can be dangerous to take risks at the tyre tread depth level as it can cause unavoidable accidents.

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The Importance Of Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure is one of the most important factors to look into while inspecting your tyre health. Under or over inflation, both can cause imbalance, reduce the performance of the tyres and can be dangerous as well. The tyres here don’t get a proper grip on the roadways.

If your tyres are over-inflated, the part of the tyre that touches the road is reduced and this causes less gripping. And less grip causes longer braking distance, no matter the weather! Here the tyres wear out more towards the centre of the tyre.

Similarly, under-inflated tyres degrade at the edges and affect the steering handling.

Unevenly-inflated tyres also degrade more often and unevenly and need replacement frequently.

How do shorter stopping distances keep us safe?

You will never know the next moment’s situation on the road. And you need to be prepared for it. Whatever happens, we instinctively hit the brakes. So, our stopping distances should always be as shorter as possible to avoid any type of accident.

You must be ready to face children suddenly running in front of your car, animals running in front, senior citizens crossing the road, etc. There will be many such incidents where your car would demand a shorter braking distance to keep yourself and the people in front of your car safe.

Is it true that premium tyres are better at lowering stopping distances?

Why should you spend more money on premium tyres? People generally ask this question a lot at BR Car Care Centre, and we realize why. Another, far more crucial answer comes alongside proof that premium tyres are, in reality, less costly in the long run than inexpensive tyres. Premium tyres are the obvious choice if you respect the safety and well-being of those around you.

The three most important variables in becoming prepared to stop fast and securely are your quick responsiveness, your brakes, and the types or brand of tyres you purchase. Budget tyres simply aren’t as good at holding the road due to the relatively low-quality rubber structure, causing a much-prolonged stopping distance and time.

We, at BR Car Care Centre, understand the importance of having the right tyres fitted in your vehicle. Tyres are the only things in contact with the ground. Hence, their quality should be the best.

This is why we have the best inventory of tyres from all the top brands in the market. And our experts are always willing to help you with even minor issues in your vehicle.

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