Does Drumstick Flower Extract Increase Sperm Count?

Does Drumstick Flower Extract Increase Sperm Count?

One of the most common questions couples ask is “Does drumstick flower extract increase, sperm count?” Many men wonder if this herbal supplement can truly do that. Thankfully, drumsticks are an incredible nutritional supplement, full of flavonoids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. This herbal supplement can significantly improve sperm count, as well as prevent ED.

Drumsticks Are A Powerful Nutritional Supplement

The seeds and leaves of the drumstick tree are effective sexual virility drugs. The drumstick seeds are free from chemicals and additives and are not dangerous at normal doses. However, the seeds should not be consume by women during their menstrual period or while breastfeeding. It is best to avoid drumstick seeds during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The drumstick leaves have laxative properties and should be consume in small amounts as they can cause nausea.

They Contain Phytonutrients, Flavonoids And Antioxidants

Whether you’re in a serious relationship or simply in search of natural cures for erectile dysfunction, drumstick flowers may be able to help. These flowers are a time-tested remedy for improving sexual vigour and vitality. This versatile vegetable is rich in aphrodisiac properties and is know to increase testosterone levels.

The drumstick flower has anti-oxidants, which are beneficial for a number of reproductive problems. Its leaves contain sulfur compounds that can help prevent and treat prostate cancer. Drumstick seeds also contain vitamin A and C, and can improve libido and sexual function. Some studies suggest that drumstick seed extracts are especially useful for those with stressful lifestyles. But regardless of its medicinal benefits, drumstick is still a controversial ingredient.

They Improve Sperm Count

In Ayurveda, drumstick flowers have been recommend as a natural way to improve sperm count and treat erectile dysfunction (ED). The flower and leaves of this plant contain terigospermin, an ingredient that is said to increase libido and enhance a man’s sex life. Drumsticks can be eat as a vegetable or added to milk while simmering. The flower is said to boost a man’s libido.

Aside from treating ED, drumstick flowers are also aphrodisiacs. You can add the flower to soup or milk, or eat it raw. In addition, the flower contains antioxidants that can help fight oxidative damage, a factor that decreases sperm quality. Another plant that can boost a man’s sex life is watermelon. The outer skin of a watermelon can be process into juice, which can be use to improve erectile dysfunction.

They prevent ED

The use of Drumstick flowers to increase sperm count is an ancient practice that can cure impotency in men. They have a number of benefits, including increasing libido and improving sperm count. However, it is not safe for consumption during pregnancy because its alpha-sitosterol substance can cause miscarriage. However, the drumstick flower has to improve testosterone levels, libido, and sexual virality.

This herb is an ayurvedic superfood that has been use for centuries to boost sexual vigor. It also contains terigospermin, an aphrodisiac compound that enhances libido. Although drumsticks can be eat as a vegetable, many men use the flowers to increase libido. The flowers are also add to hot milk to improve libido.

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