Does Your New Tyres Need Wheel Alignment? A Complete Guide!

Wheel Alignment

Tyres is a crucial component of any vehicle. They are the only part that comes in direct contact with the ground. So, they are prone to all the dust, debris, nails, and foreign elements on the road. These elements damage your tyres to a great extent. Although you can delay the damages y maintaining and servicing your tyres, you can’t stop them.

Another essential part is the tyre tread depth level. Just as your tyre moves, tread depth level decreases and when it goes below 1.6mm, it becomes illegal to drive on them. So, you have to go for a tyre change at one point or another.

Along with tyre services and maintenance, there comes a critical part, the wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is important when you drive your car continuously. But what about the new tyres?

You are finally buying new tyres for your vehicle. (Yay!) You’ve your research all ready, for both the sidewall defects and low tread depth level, and you realize the moment is here.

But the thing that you don’t understand is if your car needs an alignment for those new Car Tyres Birmingham, how far it will last without alignments, and the benefits of wheel alignment, among other critical information.

Do You Have to Get Wheel Alignment Services Even for Your New Tyres?

If you ask about the necessity, it is not necessary. Ut if you think about being cautious, you should go for it. There is no law or compulsion that you have to align your new tyres. The purpose of a wheel alignment is to make sure that all four of your car tyres are at the correct angle with each other and with the road as well.

Suppose your tyres are not in proper alignment, you might get a bad and bumpy driving experience on the road. It can also lead to uneven or irregular tyre wear and tear cases. This will lessen your tyre’s lifespan more than the normal expectancy. Although there are many affordable tyre brands in the market, you wouldn’t want to buy car tyres again and again. It should be a one-time investment for a while. So, having proper wheel alignment can get you some more miles on the road, with your brand new Tyres Birmingham.

How Often Should I Align My Car’s Tyres?

If you go by the general rule of tyre or wheel alignment, you must do it once a year. But, it is advisable to check for your vehicle’s manual to determine the best for your car. Rules might vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Another reason to get a wheel alignment is if you continuously drive on bumpy roads, full of potholes and kerbs. Harsh driving conditions can put your wheel alignment off. Go for an alignment check if you experience any of these:

  • If you hear a weird sound while driving, which might indicate that your tyres have low air pressure, alignment problems or maybe both.
  • Your car suddenly starts to go from the extreme side to the other. It steers extremely to the roadsides.
  • If you continuously hit potholes while driving on a road.

Why Does It Matter to Have Proper Wheel Alignment?

If you care about saving money on bad tyres and saving yourself from bad experiences, you must go for wheel alignment once a year. Tyres with poor alignment wear out faster and having them rectified can save your tyres from damage sooner than your expectations. Along with that, misalignment of tyres also tends to reduce your car’s mileage y 10%. So, a proper wheel alignment can save your fuel and tyre health as well.

Should We Align All Four of Our Tyres at Once?

Yes, you need to align all four of your tyres at the same time. The majority of the cars need a four-wheel alignment. Utt a few cars with solid rear axles can only get wheel alignment for their front wheels. But even, in that case, the technician can look for any kind of damage in your rear tyres that might thunder your car’s handling and performance.

If your vehicle allows all four tyres, have all of them checked for alignment. And if not, at least check your front wheels for alignment and the rear ones for any kind of damage.

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