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Chinese New Year clothes have historical, traditional and symbolic significance. Learn more about Chinese New Year's clothing traditions and modern customs here.

Chinese New Year clothes have historical, traditional and symbolic significance. Learn more about Chinese New Year’s clothing traditions and modern customs here.

The importance of Chinese New Year clothes

One of the oldest traditions of celebrating the Chinese Spring Festival is to buy new clothes for the New Year. This is emblematically viable with numerous different parts of the celebration that accentuate change, fresh starts, and disposing of the old.

In ancient (and simpler) times it was not uncommon for people to have only one or two pieces of clothing or clothing throughout the year, but New Year meant it was time to put on brand new clothes!

Previously, this was frequently finished by spouses or moms who sewed or weaved new garments for the family before the Chinese New Year.

Nowadays, this tradition is often replaced by new clothes, although this may still be done by older family members.

When do you wear new clothes?

New clothes purchased must be worn on the first day of the Chinese New Year, and new pajamas can be worn to sleep on the eve of the Chinese New Year.

What should you wear Traditional Chinese New Year clothes

There are no specific criteria for what type or style of New Year clothes to buy, and almost anything trendy or trendy is fine, but preferably no clothes that have been intentionally torn or worn.

In the past, many people kept traditional  clothes and consciously used it as Chinese New Year outfits. It is still possible for the elderly to make such garments for the holidays or by more religious/traditional persons.

This traditional dress may include elements such as “Tang dress”; A men’s jacket with a turn-down collar or qipao, typical of the Tang Dynasty (618-907); A fitted dress for women from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). Both garments are usually made of silk and feature bright colors and intricate designs typical of traditional Chinese fashion.

The traditional “Zhongshan dress” (named after the first Chinese President Sun Zhongshan, aka Sun Yat-sen, 1866-1925) can also be a popular choice for elderly family members during the festival.

Of course, there are also various other types of traditional clothing specific to different regions or ethnic groups.

The color of Chinese New Year clothes

Red clothing is required

One common clothing practice seen on a large scale today is the use of red. As you probably already know, red is the happiest color in China and represents strength and prosperity.

After the festival is over, many people can return to their usual colored clothes. However, there is one exception. For people born in the same year as the Chinese zodiac sign of that Chinese calendar year (Year of the Rabbit 2023), it is common to use red on a daily basis for weeks, months, and even all year round!

This is usually done by wearing red-colored underwear and socks, or replacing the insoles of shoes with red ones. It is traditionally believed to bring good luck all year round.

Golden dress is a choice

If red isn’t stylish enough for you, go for gold! Gold not only looks brilliant, but also has a luxurious color and is said to symbolize wealth. There’s no better way to look great in the new year than by wearing clothes that will make you look like a million dollars!

Damaged clothes are an absolute taboo

Wearing damaged clothing, including torn jeans, is prohibited. They say ruined clothes bring bad luck, and you don’t want to attract bad luck all year round, do you?

Donot wear black

Never wear black clothes during Chinese New Year as it is usually worn at funerals. The color is associated with death. This is considered bad luck.

Don’t buy new shoes

In some southern areas, buying (and wearing) new shoes may be considered bad luck or taboo for the Chinese New Year.

5 branded collections where you can buy Chinese New Year clothes

1. With Love Acorn

From today until January 23, every week until January 23, the local women’s clothing brand’s Chinese New Year clothing collection is decorated with auspicious colors.

The collection, which ranges from $25 to $85, includes eye-catching dresses, casual suits and minimalist silhouettes.

For a one of a kind outline, there’s the Paige Crease Flare Skirt, accessible in both Vermillion and Greenery. It also includes functional side pockets – perfect for a few red bags!

Someone who prioritizes comfort? This is off-the-shoulder Chantal Elastic a-line long dress. Since the waist is not tight, you can enjoy all the goodies of Chinese New Year! If dressing up isn’t your thing, Bonito’s sportswear store Love also has a festive line.

The Life collection, called Recreation, includes five new styles and four new colors.

A fun set that provides medium support and is available in black, brown and tart.

To unwind after the festive table, there are the Cozy Cropped Hoodie and Cozy Cropped Jogger, in which you can rest comfortably. The set comes in black, brown and orchid.

With love, the Bonito Chinese New Year Collection can now be purchased at any of the six physical stores.Read more..

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