Why Getting Car Service Is Advisable Before MOT Test?

Car Service

Our vehicle is the biggest asset we own today. Without it, we will be completely dependent on public convenience that we cannot trust blindly. Automotive these days is more like a dependency than just an investment. You must be very careful of your vehicle because it can take you from point A to B without any problem. If you wish to have a safe and comfortable drive, you should properly maintain your vehicle.

There Are Two Ways Of Doing This

  • Car servicing
  • MOT test

The way we look after our cars reveals a lot about who we are. We tend to take our vehicle’s health for granted and ignore it. We must ensure that our vehicles are roadworthy at all times of the year because we use them to commute with our loved ones.

Car servicing and MOT Edgware are vital for the overall working condition of your vehicle and safety.

An MOT is a government-mandated test that ensures all automobiles comply with environmental safety regulations. An MOT, which is required once a year, is a snapshot of your car’s performance on that particular day and will reveal any issues that need to be addressed.

Some Crucial Facts About The MOT Test –

  • It is a mandatory test that a car owner needs to carry out every year.
  • If you have a new car that has not completed 3 years, there is no need for an MOT test. You must get the MOT test of your vehicle once it completes 3 years of running.
  • The MOT test is for all the vehicles- cars, motorcycles, good vehicles
  • The MOT test, also known as the Ministry of Transport test, ensures that your vehicle is roadworthy.

While if we talk about Car servicing, it has different characteristics. People usually are not clear about MOT tests and car servicing and consider MOT tests as a part of Car servicing.

Point Of Difference Between MOT And Car Servicing

An MOT is a legal requirement that ensures your vehicle is safe to drive. During the MOT test, the technicians perform various tests on the vehicle to inspect the working of different parts of the vehicle. The working condition of all the parts must be appropriate to prove that your vehicle is safe. Undergoing the MOT test is a necessity for all vehicle owners. An MOT test is mandatory by law to verify that your vehicle is safe to operate and will not endanger other road users. MOT test includes checking seat belts, whippers, windows, safe bodywork, and any fuel leaks.

You must know that Car servicing and MOT are not similar. There are so many points of difference between the two. Although both the tasks are for the benefit of the vehicle.

Car servicing not only checks the basic parts but also ensures that your car is running as efficiently as possible, giving your cat a long life and effective touch-up to perform up to the mark. Mot deals with determining whether your car is roadworthy or not. If you service your car regularly, it should pass the MOT test. However, a vehicle with an irregular service schedule is likely to fail the MOT test and will require service and retesting.

Benefits Of Getting Your Car Servicing And MOT Test-

Enhances Safety: Failure to have your vehicle serviced at regular intervals could jeopardize its ability to operate safely. Vehicles have to face a great deal of pounding on the road, including potholes, miles, snow, pebbles, and other hazards.

The safety of your vehicle lies in its working condition of it. MOT checks if there is any fault in your vehicle while Car servicing fixes the fault and provides a better-performing vehicle. Regular maintenance uncovers hidden issues, such as cambelt issues, and provides you with peace of mind, which is critical for your safety and the safety of your passengers.

Increase Life: The more you pay attention to your vehicle, the more it will get refined and perform better. It is for your benefit, by getting regular car servicing, all the minor and major faults will be cleared and cause no issues while driving. It will increase the life of your vehicle.

Save Money: Car Service Colindale identifies problems early on before they become prohibitively expensive to fix if left unaddressed. Regular maintenance is cost-effective, and damaged car parts are repaired to the bare minimum. Bigger issues mean a big investment.

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