Best places to visit in Manipur

best places to visit in manipur

Plenty of places to see make Manipur an undeniable necessity for a purposeful trip. The dense forests, rivers, waterfalls are in a gloomy state, but they come in, and people from different parts of the country come here with audacity. It takes time and perseverance to find this wonderful expressway that offers a slew of pleasant perspectives on nature and sights. Imphal is the capital of Manipur. We should know more about these gathering places. To learn more about Top 10 best places to visit in Mumbai then click here.

The Shree Govindajee Temple

This sanctuary is committed to the ‘ruler Krishna’ and it was worked in 1704 A.D by the lord known as ‘Charairongba’. It is situated in the Imphal city and can be gotten to with neighborhood method of transportation.

The Kangla Palace

When Kangla was the capital of Manipur in the seventeenth hundred years and this capital had a terrible post which is presently in the city of Imphal. This outpost is about 2600 feet above sea level and works close to the Imphal River. This post also has a lot of importance and many people come here to see this fort for its old importance.


Kaina is renowned for two reasons, one for the strict significance, on the grounds that a well known sanctuary of ruler Krishna is worked here and furthermore it gives a phenomenal perspectives on nature as it is a significant slope top close to Imphal.


An old sanctuary dedicated to Lord Thangjing works here and it is about 45 km from Imphal city. It is expressed that in the year 1944 the Indian National Army unfurled the Indian flag. At that time Moirand was the headquarters of the Azad Hind Fauj.


Khongjom holds extraordinary significance in the hearts of the people of Manipur. In 1891 a famous army man named ‘Important General Paona Brajbashi’ fought till his death against the British powers to save Manipur from falling in the hands of the British Army. There is a state occasion in Manipur on 23 April in honor of this extraordinary hero.

Loktak Lak

This immense new water lake is one of the star attractions in Manipur. The eroded lake offers a gamut of beautiful perspective on nature. A variety of birds flock to this piece of lake and people who need to take their stress off the bustling existence of the city; This is the ideal place for them. There are couple of tourist cottages by the lake and they took a boat ride in this lake.Loktak Lak is about 48 km away from the capital Imphal and there is an abundance of transport available till this point.

Waithou Lake

About 16 km away from Imphal on the Indo-Myanmar road lies a delightful lake and its name is ‘Waithou Lake’. Like Loktak Luck it also gives its guests the best of participation in mother nature. Apart from these there is a ready focal point of pineapple trees.

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It is an important object among the guests, and a large number of people flock to this part of the state. What draws in a large number of herds is the general grandeur and being an important slope station, it gives an unprecedented perspective on the Manipur Valley. It is about 69 km from the primary Imphal city.


It is an important area for both general grandeur and being an important commercial focal point. It is located near the Myanmar border and has subsequently made it an important exchange cum trade center due to exchange of exercises between the two countries. Because of this, a large number of people reach this town.

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