Basic Auto Rickshaw Parts and Their Function While Operating

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Do you know how your Auto works? Do you know which are the most important Auto parts? The responsible vehicle owner must have a basic understanding and knowledge of the Auto they drive. So, if you’re curious about Auto parts and how they work, you’ve come to the right place. This blog will discuss some important parts of a Auto. 

Basic Cabin Auto Rickshaw Parts for Safe Driving

Here are the most important Auto parts to be aware of that helps in safe driving. 


Vision is critical when driving – especially when operating a Auto. However, the driver cannot see all areas of the Auto, which could lead to dangerous situations on the road.

The Auto has a high sitting position, approximately three metres above the road’s surface—this aids in providing the Auto with a clear view of the road ahead. However, the vehicles and people in the rear, on the other hand, are easily overlooked, also, especially in areas where the driver cannot see or has difficulty seeing. Furthermore, if cargo or trailers hide the view, the area behind the Auto cannot be seen. Mirrors are intended to provide a solution in such situations.

Aside from that, the mirror simplifies a auto rickshaw driver’s life in various ways. For example, it is ideal for manoeuvring into a parking space and reduces blind spots.

Different Types of mirrors

Convex Mirrors: These mirrors are also known as fish eye mirrors. This mirror is easily identified by its curved appearance and slim mounts. Convex mirrors are designed to provide drivers with a wider field of view by reflecting from various angles.

Blind Spot Mirrors: This new type of mirror incorporates technology. Blind spot technology lights the side mirror when someone is close to your blind spot. Most Autos still require the addition of these blind spot mirrors to your regular side mirrors.

Side view mirrors: The Auto’s side view mirrors should be high quality. It aids in the control of blind spots and enables the driver to see more of their vehicle. This information from the mirror allows them to change lanes safely. Also, keep an eye out for what other drivers are doing around them.


One must have noticed the phrase” Horn OK Please or Sound Horn” painted on the back of vehicles. In India, this phrase is commonly painted on commercial vehicles such as Autos, buses, and local taxis to warn drivers of approaching vehicles from behind to sound their horns if they wish to overtake.

As a result, every motor vehicle operating on a highway should have a horn. It must be in good working condition and capable of emitting audible sound from a distance of at least 200 feet under normal conditions. However, no horn shall produce an unreasonably loud or harsh sound, nor shall it emit a whistle.

Horn is a simple way auto rickshaw Drivers communicate with other road users. Most horns produce sounds in the 110-115 decibel range, which is quite loud! However, you must ensure that your horn is as loud as possible. This way you can communicate with other drivers on the road safely and effectively.

Your horn should be quiet, and you should only use it to avoid accidents. That is what every state’s law boils down to.


The grille is a piece of metal that covers an open body of a Auto that allows air to enter or exit. Most vehicles have a grille in the front to protect the radiator and engine. Because the air passes through the grill, it helps to cool the engine. Additionally, the driver can reduce the amount of air passing through it by covering it.

Grille has three major advantages:

  • Because of its open design, fresh air can circulate throughout the engine, keeping it cool and preventing it from overheating.
  • Objects or animals encountered while driving and extensive damage sustained in minor low or high-speed collisions.
  • A grille shields the front of your Auto and its occupants from weather damage.

Grilles are classified into two types: billet grilles and smaller grilles. A billet grille is significantly stronger when made of thicker steel but also heavier. This means that a larger grille is ideal for off-road enthusiasts. Otherwise, when their Auto requires more protection. However, this option can make a Small Commercial vehicle heavier, leading to greater fuel consumption.

Smaller grilles, on the other hand, are lightweight, providing less overall protection but ensuring optimal fuel efficiency. These options are ideal if you intend to drive mostly in cities or want a more decorative look for your Auto.


Travelling at night with poor light vision is just as dangerous as driving any vehicle blindfolded. Therefore, Proper lighting is becoming increasingly important. The headlamp technology contributing to the safe and prudent operation of Autos on highways has grown.

The many advantages of headlamps are:

  • Helps other drivers in seeing you on the road during bad weather or at night.
  • Helps you in seeing other drivers or animals on the road.
  • Signal emergency situations.
  • Signals at the time of turns
  • Signals When you are on break.

Headlamps are classified into three types: halogen, HID, and LED. Each type has distinct advantages, so when purchasing an Auto Rickshaw, consider your options before making a decision.

However, today’s fleets are increasingly shifting toward LED headlights, not only for the safety of auto rickshaw drivers but also to improve overall Auto operation. Furthermore, when compared to standard bulbs, LED and HID bulbs provide the best coverage. They also improve night vision, particularly in poorly lit areas or off-road where there is no lighting.


Because automobiles are constantly evolving, it is necessary to know about different Auto parts and upgrade the various Auto parts from time to time. After all, every part of the Auto serves as a guide and helps drivers and pedestrians in the road. Now that you’ve learned about the various types of Auto parts. You should be fully aware of their significance and drive accordingly by using at best.

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