Are You Planning To Buy Caravan Awning? Know All About It!

Caravan Awning

Caravan awning can enhance your road trip experience. It will provide you with more space to get comfortable between your road trips, making it more enjoyable, as you can perform more fun activities. If you want to purchase awnings for your caravan, this blog will help you select the right one for your needs.

Purpose of Caravan Awning

A caravan awning is an accessory that lets you stretch your caravan’s space and creates a shaded place for you to enjoy beautiful outdoor spaces. A caravan awning offers the following added functions:

  • Shade from the sun
  • Extra storage space
  • Privacy
  • Additional sleeping space
  • An added layer of protection and safety for your equipment and personal belongings

Types of Caravan Awnings 

Here are the three types of caravan awnings.

  • Inflatable Caravan Awnings

Inflatable caravan awnings are lightweight and do not have poles, so it is super easy to install.

  • Box Caravan Awnings

Box awnings are compatible with nearly all types of caravans, and they come with mounting brackets. And mounting brackets make it effortless for box awnings to be connected to all kinds of caravans, even to ones with curved profiles. A box awning will perfectly suit a caravan with a curved profile.

  • Roll out Caravan Awnings

Roll-out awnings are connected through your caravan’s roof. While installing a roll-out awning, you should ensure that its railing is securely connected to the top of your caravan. Thus, the installation involves some focused work and is not easy. Roll-out awnings are perfect for pop-tops and flat-sided caravans. Installing a roll-out awning on a camper van is also tricky.

Size of Awning Matters

The perfect measurement is required to make sure that you select the best awning that fits your caravan correctly. Here are the essential tips you need to follow to get the correct measurement.

  • Calculate the height of your caravan. Measure it from the top of your caravan to the ground.
  • Use a tape measure to get the correct result.
  • Refer to your caravan’s owner manual if you can access it. Modern caravans come with owner manuals that you can access online easily.
  • It will be prudent to store the exact measurement of your caravan somewhere you can access it handily whenever you need it, for instance, on your phone or online drive.
  • If you don’t have the measurement but want a caravan awning, go for porch awnings. It will be the safest choice.

Design of Caravan Awnings

Caravan awnings are available in two design options:

  1. Full Awning: A full awning will offer bigger added space and is usable for different purposes. However, it requires more than one person to install it. It can get meticulous and intricate to install. A full awning is desirable if you want more space for recreation activities or sleeping.
  2. Porch Awning: A porch awning does not offer the generous space of a full-awning. They are easier to install and dismantle. They can be attached to an awning’s rail’s top horizontal side with ease. Furthermore, they can be easily transferred from one side to another and even from one caravan to another.

Fabrics Used in Making Caravan Awnings

Awnings can vary depending on the fabrics used. Here are the four types of fabric material used to manufacture caravan awnings:

  1. Vinyl: Awnings made from vinyl fabrics are the lightest and are available in different colours and designs. Caravaners who are particular with aesthetics would prefer vinyl material.
  2. Mesh: Mesh fabric referred to as screen cloth, is a transparent material that facilitates air to flow through. It will let you look at your surrounding scenery. However, mesh material would not be beneficial in unpleasant weather conditions.
  3. Canvas: If you need considerable heat protection, then awnings made from canvas offer the best coverage. Caravaners prefer canvas awnings when they want to go on adventure trips during harsh weather conditions. 
  4. Polyester: Polyester fabric is lightweight, easy to handle and dries faster.

Maintenance Tips – Taking Care of Your Caravan Awning:

Your caravan awning life will depend on the maintenance and care you take. Consider the following tips to extend the lifespan of your caravan awning.

  • Never clean a wet awning.
  • Maintain a regular cleaning schedule.
  • Use a soft cloth or brush to eliminate dust and debris from your awning.
  • If you want to get rid of mud or stubborn particles from your awning, use lukewarm water. When you clean your caravan awning with lukewarm water, you should allow it to dry.
  • Reproofing will keep your awning water-resistant and durable. So you should perform reproofing as and when required. And always use manufacturer-approved reproofing agents.
  • Always select a dry area to store your awning. Don’t select a space that can get moist. And during winter, keep your caravan awning indoors.

Whether you need brand new caravan awning installation, caravan awning replacement or caravan awning repairs in Sydney, contact a reputed caravan awning fitter or authorised caravan service centre.

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