All You Should Know About the Tyre Markings

Tyre Telford Markings

All tyres have a code on their sidewalls that reveals information about the unit. Examining this information is important to determine if the tyre will be a perfect fit for your vehicle or not. Also, tyre markings can help you find the right tyres for your vehicle from a wide range of options available in the market. Below we break down different tyre markings so that you can inspect them yourself when buying new tyres.

For example, if a tyre has markings

205 70 R 20 95 H M+S

205: The foremost 3 digits on the sidewall guide the tyre’s width. The width gets measured from one sidewall to the other in mm. Moreover, a higher digit means wider tyres. Consequently, wide tyres are excellent to get improved traction plus help greatly when off-road manoeuvring. Also, the improved contact surface of wider car tyres allows them to offer superior traction. Though, wider tyres majorly impact your fuel economy plus reduce the mileage performance.

70: The next two numbers are the width refers to the aspect ratio that gets calculated based on the height in relation to the width of a tyre. For example, the tyre’s aspect ratio of 70 indicates that the total height is about 70% of the width. Moreover, it is vital to check the aspect ratio cause a higher percentage will indicate that a tyre is bigger, and a tyre with a lower aspect ratio will produce much better lateral stability.

R: The first letter on the whole tyre code guides toward the construction type. In the sample above, the letter R means radial construction. In Radial, the outer layers of a tyre get constructed radially. Moreover, other types of construction marking available on the tyre sidewall include D for diagonal, plus B for bias belt.

20: The following two digits after the construction marking relates to the diameter of a car tyre. Moreover, it is vital to examine because a tyre’s diameter must match the wheels perfectly to obtain the best performance while driving. Also, a tyre that has about a 20-inch diameter indicates that it can be fitted on a wheel that has the same dimensions.

Other Markings on a Tyres Telford Huntington Include: 

Tyre Load Index Table

The two or three digits following the tyres diameter indicate the load index of a tyre. Moreover, the load index reveals the highest amount of weight a tyres can carry at the highest allowable speed index. Below car owners can find a table with the most common load indexes.

Load Index KGS Pounds

85        515 1135

86        530 1168

87        545 1202

88        560 1235

89       580 1279

90      600 1323

91      615 1356

92      630 1389

93      650 1433

94      670 1477

95      690 1521

96      710 1565

97      730 1609

98      750 1653

99      775 1709

100    800 1764

101    825 1819

102    850 1874

103    875 1929

104    900 1984

105    925 2039

106    950 2094

107    975 2150

108    1000 2205

Tyres Speed Index

After the load index marking, the next alphabet indicates the speed index of a tyres. Moreover, it gets marked by letters plus shows the maximum speed you can manoeuvre your car with that specific tyres. A general rule is to buy Tyres Donnington which has a speed index closer to the maximum speed of your vehicle. Below you can look at a table with some of the most typical speed indexes.

Speed Symbol  Speed (kmph)  Speed (mph)

E                                       70                         43

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