9 Fascinating Animal Shaped Jewelry Pieces You Can Order Online

Animal Jewelry


Animal jewelry has always been a popular trend. You can find a wide variety of animal shaped jewelry for both men and women. The most common animal shape that you’ll find is the classic dog. But if you want something more unique, why not try some of these other animals? It will be a new kind of fashion.

The Bird

The bird has long been a symbol of freedom, peace and love. For example, the Egyptian goddess Isis was often portrayed with a bird in her hand or on her headdress. It’s also believed that birds can carry messages from heaven to earth—hence why you may be familiar with the phrase “a messenger of good tidings.”

Considering the fact that birds have wings and fly high into the air, they are also seen as symbols of joy, happiness and hope. If you’re looking for animal jewelry pieces based on these emotions but don’t want something featuring an animal you’d find in nature like a rabbit or fox (and especially not if you’re vegan), then don’t worry! There are plenty of options out there for those who want an animal-shaped piece as an expression of their moods but aren’t looking to wear fur or leather accessories

The Cat

Cat jewelry is popular, cute and unique. There are many styles of cat jewelry available online. Cat jewelry comes in many different colors and can be ordered online.

The Crab

When it comes to animal jewelry, the crab is a great choice. It’s a symbol of patience, determination and hard-working. The crab is also symbolic of perseverance and tenacity – two traits that you want in your life if you want to be successful! The crab is also often used as a symbol for courage because crabs are known for their ability to walk on their tiptoes when they feel threatened by predators or other dangers.

The Dog

The dog is the most popular pet in the world. It’s a loyal and faithful friend for humans, but it also brings joy to other animals by helping them hunt down their prey. As such, it’s a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness as well as love, which makes it the perfect animal to put on some jewelry!

A few companies make dog-shaped necklaces with various gemstones that you can order online. These pieces are great for everyday wear or special occasions, like weddings—after all, dogs have been at many weddings throughout history!

The Dinosaur

Dinosaur jewelry is a great gift idea for dinosaur lovers. Whether you’re looking for dinosaur earrings, a necklace with a dinosaur pendant or a ring with an engraved fossilized dino tooth, there are plenty of options out there.

For kids and adults alike, there’s nothing better than getting to wear your favorite prehistoric creatures every day! If you love dinosaurs like we do here at Lizzie + Mabel Jewelry Co., then you’ll love our selection of jewelry that features them in all sorts of forms (and sizes).

The Dragon

Dragons are mythical creatures that represent power, wisdom and wealth. They are often associated with the elements of fire, water, earth and air. Dragons have a long history in Chinese culture as well as many other cultures around the world.

Dragons have been depicted in art for over 6,000 years and are thought to be one of the oldest symbols known to man. The dragon is linked to primordial forces of creation and can be found on artifacts from ancient Greece, Egypt as well as other civilizations around the world. These early civilizations likely had a great deal of respect for these majestic creatures which were considered divine beings that ruled over all living things on Earth.

The Fish

Fish are symbols of patience, grace, and beauty. They also represent fertility and abundance. Fish are also used to symbolize the soul, as well as enlightenment through the journey towards it.

The fish is one of your best friends if you need a reminder that things will get better soon! Your soul is also ready to take your life by storm and show you what it can do. What’s more? It’s time for a change!

The Mantis

Although the mantis is not a jewelry piece, it’s still a great piece of art. This insect has beautiful colors and its body shape is very interesting to look at. The mantis’ appearance makes it unique from other insects in the jungle.

While you may be thinking about how pretty it would be if you could wear this insect on your finger or toenail, you’re likely wondering how such an order would work out for you. Thankfully, there are many online stores that sell these animal-shaped pieces of jewelry—and they can even make custom orders!

The Octopus

Octopuses are cephalopods, meaning they have eight arms and a head. They are also known for their blue blood and the fact that they have three hearts. Octopuses can change their color to blend into their surroundings and avoid predators, but most of all, they are very intelligent and curious creatures who love exploring new environments. The octopus is one of the only animals capable of opening jars or bottles with lids because of its powerful grip!

The Seahorse

The seahorse is a marine creature and one of the most unique creatures in the world. It has a unique shape that makes it stand out from other sea creatures.

It is a symbol of love, good luck, prosperity, good health, and happiness. They are also considered as lucky charms by many people who believe in their powers. If you have someone special in your life or if you want to be surrounded by positive energies all the time then this necklace will do just fine!

They come in different sizes and shapes so there’s something out there for everyone!

The Snake

Snake jewelry is one of the most popular animal-shaped pieces you can find online. The snake symbolizes rebirth and renewal, as well as wisdom and sexuality, making it a great source of inspiration for any jewelry piece. Because of its meaning, snake jewelry makes for an excellent gift for loved ones or yourself.

Snake pendants are available in many different styles, from simple hoops to intricate necklaces made from silver or gold. They come in many sizes too; if you’re looking for something small enough to wear every day then try out our mini snake pendant! No matter what style you choose though, we guarantee it will be affordable so that anyone can enjoy this beautiful piece on their body as often as they like!

The Tiger

The tiger is one of the most popular animals in the world. It’s also one of the most powerful animals in nature, which makes it a suitable choice for jewelry that shows off your strength.

You may be thinking, “But tigers are dangerous! Why would I want to wear something like that?” Maybe you have an uncle who went on vacation and got mauled by a tiger after taking his picture with it. Maybe you saw a movie where an old lady was eaten by one (you know, like Old Yeller). Well, there are more than 2 million people living with tigers as pets around the world; they don’t seem to have any issues with them whatsoever. Tigers are actually more likely to attack humans when they feel threatened rather than out of aggression or hunger—so if you see one in real life and start getting nervous, just stay still and let its childlike curiosity win out over its instinctive need for self-preservation! If all else fails, just give them some food or toys so they don’t get bored while waiting for their prey

They are very beautiful and unique

Animal-shaped jewelry pieces are unique and beautiful.

They are not expensive and you can wear them every day.


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