7 Creative Ideas For Your Next Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference

We are all aware of how important conferences are in every industry. Without it the delivery of new ideas, thoughts or common interests. Earlier or in today’s era, conferences were organised as on-ground events, which are now transformed virtually. 

The process of the overall virtual conference is the same and the outcomes are similar, or even better to say. The virtual conference can be conducted at a low cost and save a lot of time and effort for many individuals. Generally, businesses used to host virtual conferences to celebrate project launches and meetings to discuss plans and campaigns, but now it is possible to do all of this over the internet. For a virtual event, one just needs to hire event live streaming services that will help you to do all sorts of customisation and make the conference engaging. Here we are mentioning 7 creative marketing ideas that will help you make your next virtual conference a big success. 

The Virtual Conference: The New Era Meeting Event

The virtual conference is a mix of audio, video, and chat elements. Just like an in-person conference, you can have guest speakers, panel discussions, Q&As, speeches, and anything else you want to add. The basic difference is that it can be hosted anywhere as it is not bound by geographic boundaries. The only thing needed for people to attend is a reliable internet connection and a virtual webinar platform for you to host

In 2022, virtual conferences were on the boom due to many factors; cost-effectiveness and greater reach could be the first consideration. Additionally, it has a greater environmental effect in a positive way. But if you are thinking about how to take all the benefits into account for your business, then keep reading this blog. Make your virtual conference stand out from the crowd with the unbelievable creative ideas mentioned below. 

Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective ways to incorporate it within your marketing strategy or while considering or selecting channels for promotions. The best part about social media is its reach to a wider audience (everyone has access to the internet, especially smartphones). A simple post on Instagram or a tweet regarding your conference and a link to your website can be enough. No need to think a lot about it. 

But before starting this in full, it is important to decide which platform is for whom. For example, Facebook has a slightly older population, while Instagram is used by many youngsters. Other platforms like Twitter, Youtube can also be a potential source of marketing. 

Landing Pages

Once you are sure about your promotions on social media, it is time to think about designing a landing page for your conference. We are not talking about a regular page but a dedicated homepage especially designed for your conference. 

A landing page is a specific page that has all the necessary information about the conference. Must add dates, timing, guests, information about the speaker, topic, and others. Additionally, you need to consider the following;

  • Colour scheme
  • Fonts and headers
  • Sponsor information
  • FAQs
  • Speaker bios and information
  • Event Agenda

Content Marketing

This is used as a promotional tool. It is one of the most crucial ways to promote. Try to include a team of content writers and copywriters to help the audience in a way to educate and inform them via a seo-optimised content strategy

Speaker Promotion

If you are planning to have a guest speaker at your conference, then think about promoting it publicly. This will make your conference look more genuine and authentic ( in general when an expert or known personality appears at your event the credibility of the event increase). 

Also, you can record a short video of the guest speaker to promote it over social channels of your business or even can use paid promotions. Make sure to use high definition and high-end audio-video quality so that it can be presentable and look appealing to the viewers. You can additionally add areas of topics or a small summary for which the speaker is going to talk with dates and timings. By having a good webinar service for oyur event it will be easier to do this task. 

Partner Up

There is no harm to partner up with a brand or doing a collaboration which has a similar area of deliverables. This will help you in many ways firstly both brand’s fanbase will look to see or attend the conference, while SEO link building will improve. 

Marketing Emails

A golden way approach is old but literally gold. Emails can be used to give updates about the conference to your potential audience as well as a registrant a reminder mail. By using a webinar platform that has an automation feature. What more you can do here is an idea, having email marketing in practice you can record sessions of your conference same as an on-demand webinar.

Video Previews

A general perspective is that expectations are never fulfilled, so this time change this perspective with good work. Make video previews telling a list of areas you are going to cover with date and time. All this makes people aware of to what expect from your virtual conference. There is no need for much work of graphics but a friendly tonne will be enough.

What Next?

With the right marketing strategy, there is nothing you can miss in terms of attendees and headcounts. But to make the virtual event look engaging and give an immersive experience to your virtual conference attendees, start looking for the best webinar platform that allows you to add all those features.

Social media and landing pages will only be successful if in your promotions you give the link to that page. Besides that, collaborating with partners, including webinar service providers, brands, a team of technical experts, and whomever you think will potentially give you outcomes.

Mayra Shaikh
Author: Mayra Shaikh

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