5 Top Essentials for That Perfect Kitchen Bin Selection

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It may appear like a trivial matter, the perfect kitchen bin is a finishing touch for any kitchen overhaul. Regardless of whether you choose for a freestanding model or a pull out kitchen bin, it should suit your kitchen space and your family perfectly. Now, let’s look at how you can select the right bin size for your kitchen.

1. How Much Space You Have In Your Kitchen

First, consider the available space in your kitchen – this is especially important if you want to install a pull out bin in your cabinet layout. Bear in mind, if you plan for pull-out kitchen bin, you will lose out on the essential storage space from the cabinet; however, it may be possible to have a small shelf or storage above the bin for bags and other miscellaneous stuff. Conversely, if you have limited space, it may be prudent to have a tall but slim kitchen bin that won’t consume more floor space.

2. Take into Account Your Household Size

It goes like this – larger a household, larger a kitchen bin you require. If you have a busy family home and you need to empty your kitchen bin several times a day, then it could be annoying. Conversely, if you have a big bin but you live alone, then the big bin could end up leaving your garbage hanging around in your kitchen for too long. In hot or humid days, your kitchen waste bin may develop a nasty odour.

Follow this simple rule:

  • A small family of two people will be fine with a small bin of around 34 litres.
  • An average family of around two to four people would be better off with a medium sized bin that may range anywhere between 40 and 70 litres.
  • While a big family of around four to eight people may need a bigger bin that exceeds 80 litres.

3. Waste and Recycling

If you’re one who wants to follow the green initiative, you may long to have a kitchen bin that facilitates categorisation of recyclables from your regular waste. Kitchen bins are available with separate split sections for varied types of recyclables.

4.  General Rubbish and Recycling

You might want a bin that will allow sorting recyclables out of their general waste if you want your green lifestyle to be easier. For individual sections of various types of recyclables, there are several options. So, you can just lift the corresponding basket out to empty on the collection day in the outdoor pot.

5.  Easy to clean, to keep

When it comes to collecting a dustbin, you have to choose the type of dustbin that you can easily clean up, move up and keep the environment very clean and hygienic. You should also look for the compartment in the kitchen waste bin.

The Bottom Line
  • Well, you require evaluating the types of trash bags that are available in your region/ local vicinity before making your purchase decision.
  • Moreover, you may not like to make a separate trip to another store only to buy larger bags. So it will be beneficial to take a notepad to your local grocery store on your next visit and write down the sizes of bags you will get there.
  • Conversely, if you want to buy bags that cost you more dollars than your ordinary bags, then this will add up in a year. Thus, it’s essential to select a perfect bin that can hold standard-sized bags that won’t break your bank.

Finally, if you’re not getting an idea, then you can consult a reputed hardware store for the right recommendation for choosing the right kitchen waste bin for your home.

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