5 Pool Energy Saving Tips for Homeowners

pool energy saving

Summer is the perfect time for pool lovers to wear their swimsuits and enjoy the sunny climate in their backyard pool. But, if you own a swimming pool, you also know how costly pool heaters are and how difficult it is to maintain them.

However, you may be surprised at how quickly you can save money on your pool by simply incorporating various pool energy-saving upgrades such as pool covers, solar pool heating system, etc. Hence, to ensure that you get the most of your pool without spending a penny more, here are five most important tips for the homeowners to enjoy the summers at their pools!

Tip #1 – Maintaining your pool cover during the winters

Most pools, when opened in the spring, look like the black pond. This will cause some homeowners to dump many chemicals in the water just to clean the upper surface. However, with the help of a pool cover pump, you can get the dirty water off the surface of the cover.

When the pool cover is dry, make use of a broom (specially designed for cleaning pool covers) to remove as many accumulated debris and leaves off the surface of your cover. Unless it’s the time to enjoy your pool, you will thank yourself for keeping a clean cover.

Tip #2 – Keep your pool warm as much as possible

While it is next to impossible to stop a pool from losing its warmness, but you can definitely slow down the process by using pool blankets. They float on the surface of the pool and keep the warm temperature of your pool intact.

In fact, using good quality pool blankets not only keeps your pool warm but they are also manufactured to absorb sunshine, which helps to warm your pool, providing you with a free heat source. Moreover, it helps in reducing energy consumption by 10 to 30% on your water bills.

Tip #3 – Use a solar pool heating system

While a solar pool heating system can help you save money, you can also reduce your energy bills by installing additional solar panels to heat your pools. During summers, the sun rays are the strongest, so why not use this natural element to lower your energy consumption bills.
However, with a solar pool heating system, you can go environmental friendly with an affordable upfront cost and little to no maintenance.

Tip #4 – Operate your pool pump at night

It is always beneficial to set your pool pump to run during off-peak hours, which is generally from 8 pm to 10 am, as during this period electricity charges are the lowest. In fact, use an accurate timer to control the pool pump cycle. If you want to save your money, run your pool filters during the off-peak hours to get the best results.

Tip #5 – Maintaining & cleaning the pool

Maintaining your pool is a great way to decrease your energy costs. In fact, to reduce the possibilities of frequently changing pool water, it is always recommended to clean your pool regularly.

Regular pool maintenance also helps to keep your pool water cleaner, up-to-date and it ultimately reduces the amount of energy needed for filtering the water. In fact, reducing the water filter duration to a few hours can help you save on your consumption bills.

The Bottom Line

Whether you have an old pool installed or you’ve just owned a new pool, these pool maintenance tips will help you to minimise expenditure for operating your pool in the best way. So, if you’re looking for a reputed pool heating company that can help you save bucks, Thermo Pools is just a call away! We are one of Australia’s leading pool heating companies that manufacture high-quality pool heating systems with no hidden fees.

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