4 Ways to Reduce Photo Size Simply Through a Website

4 Ways to Reduce Photo Size Simply Through a Website.

Illustration of how to reduce the size of a photo with a website application that is easy and can be done by beginners.

How to shrink the size of a photo is sometimes needed, especially for those of you who like to take pictures with a fairly large size and ratio. This will sometimes make it difficult for you, once the photos you want to upload into various needs, such as uploading photos of assignments, job applications, to the needs of buying and selling online.

By knowing how to reduce the size of a photo, you can take and regroup the resulting photo and save and download it at a lower size. Even so, how to reduce the size of the photo can be done while maintaining the quality of the photo as it is.

Here are some ways to reduce the size of a photo, reported from various sources:

JPEG Compressor

JPEGCompressor.com is an online image compressor, which you can use as one of the ways to reduce the size of a photo or image, to then you can upload it to the site you want. By using jpeg compressor, you can get the result of compressing or reducing the size of a photo, without compromising its quality. Here are some ways to shrink the size of photos online using jpeg compressor:

  1. Visit jpeg compressor official website
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the website, select “Upload File” and insert or select the image you want to shrink or compress.
  3. How to compress the size of the photo next, select “Upload” and the image you selected will automatically decrease in size.
  4. The next stage is to select “Convert”, then proceed with clicking “Download” or “Download All”. Later, the compressed file will become one in the form of a Zip file. For the size of the resulting PNG or JPG image, it will decrease by about 9% to 87% of the original size. Even so, the quality of the resulting image remains the same as the original.

Compress JPG.com

How to shrink the size of the next photo through the CompressJPG.com website. Here are some steps you can try: there are a number of steps you can skip, including:

  1. Go to the Compress JPG.com website
  2. Upload an image by dragging or dragging the image to be compressed into the placement column on the website page.
  3. Next, you can simply wait for the compression process of the selected image file to complete.
  4. Once the image or photo is successfully compressed, you can still edit the image, by entering the thumbnail menu, then select enable “Manual Code”. You can use this method to control the compression quality of the compressed image.
  5. If you do some of these stages, then how to shrink the size of your successful photo apply. Furthermore, you can save the compressed file by downloading the image and making it into one file in Zip form.

How to reduce the size of the next photo by using the Iloveimg.com website. Here are some of the stages:

  1. Go to the Iloveimg website, and you will find the homepage and instructions for “Select Image” in blue.
  2. Next, insert an image with JPG, SVG, GIF or PNG file types to compress.
  3. Wait for the compression result to complete.


How to reduce the size of the next photo by using the IMGOnline website. Here’s how to use the website:

  1. The first step is how to reduce the size of this one photo, by going to the IMGOnline website first.
  2. When you are faced with the homepage of the website, please have the caption “Compress Image”.
  3. To compress a photo, you can insert a photo by selecting the “Choose File” button.
  4. Next select “Compress JPG files to”. Select the number or size you want to use, then select “OK”.
  5. Wait until the compressing process is complete, then you can download the result by clicking the “Options” section.

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Conclusion: It is necessary to reduce the file size of pictures for a number of reasons, including improving the speed of websites and making it simpler to share images with other people. This endeavor is now simpler than it has ever been before thanks to the development of technology. There are a number of websites that are now accessible that may assist you in efficiently compressing your photographs. Whether you prefer online tools, software, or applications, there are many different solutions available that may assist you in accomplishing your objective of lowering the size of your photos without compromising their quality. If you follow the four steps explained in this article, you will be able to regain control of your photographs and guarantee that they are in the best possible format for storing as well as sharing.

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