11 Inspiring Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Consider

Bathroom Remodeling

Searching for bathroom design inspiration? After all, you are here, so of course, you are! A bathroom remodeling with a pull cord handle may significantly alter the atmosphere of your house, whether you’re making little adjustments, undertaking a complete overhaul, or simply daydreaming from your desk (and your skin-care routine). Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this useful area typically gets precedence over the kitchen when it comes to renovation. It’s not always simple to decide on a fresh look, so we’ve gathered a variety of bathroom design ideas from the revered pages of Architectural Digest and, with bathroom door stops, from the equally revered digital pages of Clever. 

Each is packed with creative suggestions for your own renovation, including calming tubs, glitzy vanities, and modern showers. From straightforward and approachable to opulent and additional. Let’s dive into the details.

Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

1. Tiling Surrounds

The combination shower and soaking tub section of this rather modest bathroom were delineated with a floor-to-ceiling wrap-around tile backsplash. To avoid visual clutter, the shower head is positioned in the middle of the tub and suspended from the ceiling. To maintain the sensation of openness, the designer omitted the shower curtain and instead installed built-in nooks and a towel hook on either side.

2. Marble Wall Designs for Bathrooms

We all appreciate how marble may contribute to the look of wealth and sophistication. This stunning bathroom stands out despite its subdued color palette because of the marble-printed walls and toilet tiles. 

The great visual attributes of multicolored marble bathroom wall and floor tiles. Due to its waterproof qualities, marble makes a wonderful choice for bathroom floor tiles. These tiles are ideal for rooms that convey grandeur.

3. Invest in a Freestanding Bathtub

Built-in deck baths were popular once, but today they appear outdated and take up a lot of room.

She advises against their attractive, classic, and simpler-to-reface freestanding bathtubs. One warning? Before you commit, keep in mind that certain people may find it challenging to enter and exit freestanding bathtubs and pull cord handles.

4. Material Textures

Design your bathroom with a variety of materials and textures. The choices are unlimited when it comes to tiling. For example, a textured wall can appear to be made up of a variety of tiles, from large square tiles to thin, architectural mosaic tiles; or, by adding a wooden vanity or natural wood paneling, a bathroom that would otherwise be drab and out of date can gain warmth and style.

5. Bathroom with Antique Mirrors

Anyone who looks into a mirror is frequently (and understandably) preoccupied with the image it reflects, but this charming powder room invites you to pause and appreciate the fixture itself.

6. Decorative Wainscoting

Wainscoting gives your bathroom a more traditional appearance and adds some visual appeal. Wainscoting is also frequently installed in dining rooms. For a more formal appearance, some homeowners decide to use crown molding to extend the wainscoting to the ceiling. 

Invest in a graphic wallpaper like this tropical one from Design Sponge for a more avant-garde approach. The vibrant print offers a spark of individuality without dominating the compact area by being paired with neutral wainscoting that is white in color.

7. The Toilet Saves Space

The toilet you choose might help you conserve space in a number of different ways. The first is to choose a wall-hung unit, where the tank is concealed behind the stud wall, giving the room’s center 9 inches of extra space. Making a wall niche for your toilet is an additional choice that will lessen its footprint.

8. Utilize Horizontal Lines

The best way to make a space appear wider is with horizontal stripes. This traditional paint job can completely change a modest bath in an afternoon with just a few gallons. Select a beautiful accent wall if you don’t want to make the entire area striped.

9. Installation of Sinks

You may easily update your bathroom by installing a brand-new sink. Or, you might have those annoying issues fixed by having it repaired.

Are you searching for a brand-new sink? Or do you adore your current one despite the fact that it requires repairs?

If you intend to install it yourself, make sure there are no leaks and that it is done correctly. This may result in water damage, which would be an additional expense you don’t need to incur.

10. Put Your Old Mirror in the Frame

As experts in fitted bathrooms, we don’t think everything needs to be replaced. Do not immediately get out the dust sheet and hammer if your bathroom has a wall-mounted mirror that you are starting to grow weary of because:

  • Those seven years of ill-luck are unnecessary.
  •  There is a much easier way to update it.

By adding a frame, you can entirely transform your mirror from a boring piece of reflected glass into an amazing focal point for your bathroom. Any kind of molding or frame will do. Again, if in doubt about a color, white is always a safe bet.

11. Cupboards for Medicines

A clever and affordable method to increase storage in smaller bathrooms is using medicine cabinets. If you opt for designs with mirrors, they are useful for storing your medications and beauty goods. Instead of having separate cabinets for each use, they can also be used as shaving or makeup cabinet in this situation.


Even though bathrooms, like powder rooms, are the smallest rooms in a home. A minor improvement to their appearance can completely alter how the area is perceived. To prevent making expensive errors when redesigning your bathroom, it is crucial to do it correctly. They can be matched to any toilet design concept and attached bathroom door stop. When bathroom remodeling is done properly, it is not simply delightful, but renovating is a fantastic experience. We hope you find this article helpful while remodeling the bathroom.

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