10 Varieties of Kitchen Sinks Available in Market

Kitchen Sinks

Your ergonomic kitchen is incomplete without the components that contribute to the kitchen’s comfort, functionality, and productivity while cooking. Kitchen accessories like counters, drawers, stainless steel kitchen sinks, storage cabinets, chimneys, etc., are some of the necessities in any kitchen.

Kitchen sinks are mainly classified into two categories based on the type of bowls and installation process. The single and double bowl, drainboard, and bar kitchen sinks fall in the first category, while the rest are included in the second one.

If you want to know in detail, then you must read the entire matter thoroughly to decide which will suit your kitchen perfectly.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

Before you go for shopping kitchen sinks, you should be aware of the variations, materials used, and patterns available in this segment. You need to know this beforehand so that the sink you buy blends well with your existing kitchen décor.

Some of the noteworthy kitchen sink designs have been mentioned below for you along with their advantages and pitfalls to give you a clear picture.

Single Bowl

If you want a simple kitchen basin for your small kitchen space, then this is apt. As the name suggests that there is only one sink that can be fitted to your kitchen countertop.

Don’t panic as this sink is large enough to wash items like cookie sheets and casseroles. But what it lacks is a drying place for washed dishes.

Double Bowl

This sink has two compartments separated by a barrier in-between each of them. It is suitable if two people are working in the same kitchen.

Double bowl kitchen sinks are highly flexible and multipurpose and can be used in your household if there is no dishwasher.

It is not suitable for the contemporary styled kitchen interior as the appearance is utilitarian and is smaller in size and cannot accommodate baking pans and large pots.

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Top Mount Sink

Another name for this sink is the drop-in sink. It comes at a cheap price and can be quickly installed with ease.

Since the sink has an adjoining rim attached to the countertop, sweeping off debris and water from the counter becomes difficult.

Undermount Kitchen Sink

The seamless smooth design and uniqueness make this sink a class apart and expensive. With no rim on the countertop, cleaning is easy as it is installed in such a way that sink is recessed below the countertop.

Farmhouse Style Sinks

It is feasible only if there are lots of family members in your house. Moreover, the cost is high despite being visually appealing. Classy people leading extravagant life can pick this sink for the kitchen.

Integrated Sinks

This sink is the most expensive one which has a sleek finish similar to the kitchen countertop material. Usually pre-made by manufacturers and fall in the luxury segment.

You can clean it in a hurry and maintain it as there is no rim present in it.

Sink with Drainboard

If you have a larger kitchen space then this sink is ideal. The drainboard requires extra space on your countertop to drain vegetables and dry the washed utensils.

Drainboards are available in various sizes and shapes that will fit your requirement.

The size of these sinks is smaller and has a rim near the drainboard helping to navigate the water towards the drain quickly.

The bowls present in the drainboard sink are small which can be troublesome for you if you are cooking for too many people.

Bar Sink

If you own a bar, then installing this sink in such a place will be helpful. It is the secondary sink to cater to the needs of bartending or preparation of supplementary foods. It is also known as the prep sink of the island sink.

It is a feasible option for commercial kitchens but in domestic kitchens, this can remain unutilized.

Stainless Steel Sink

This sink is made of stainless steel which is durable and does not attract rust over time. It is a budget-friendly option that is easy to maintain as you can clean it using any soap.

The only issue with this sink is that it comes in standard sizes that cannot be altered and the sound made during the waterfall is quite odd.

Marble-made Kitchen Sink

These kitchen sinks are made of marble stone and are open for customization in terms of height, length and depth.

The main drawback of this sink is that it is not durable in the long run and the edges and side have adhesive joining that falls apart after some time.

So, from the above discussion, you have got a fair idea of the different types of kitchen sinks that you can purchase from reputed online shops. In fact from the lot, the single-bowl kitchen sinks are the most popular ones because come in the pocket-friendly range.

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