10 best tyres for SUVs in 2022 

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It’s simple to choose the appropriate tyre for your SUV when it’s time to replace the tyre. As you may be aware, these large passenger vehicles require high-quality tyres that can be used both on and off the road. SUV tyres are wider and more distinctive than those seen on coupes and sedans. Many companies make the best tyres for SUVs. Here, you will learn about the tyre manufacturer and the tyre model. The list includes 4×4 summer, winter and all-season tyres.

Which tyre brand is best for SUVs? 

Indeed, It depends on which car you are driving. For example; if you have BMW, Audi and Mercedes SUVs then Goodyear Tyres Lloc will be good. Goodyear is an OEM of these automobile brands. But in general, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Dunlop, and Bridgestone make the best SUV tyres. Come to DMH Tyres and choose the right tyre manufacturer for your SUV model. Now come to the main point which tyre is best for the SUV. Note; the below-mentioned list is created after passing so many tests, so it will be authentic and you will get the best driving experience after installation.

  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV 

Indeed, this is a low profile SUV tyre or called a run-flat tyre but this tyre offers better performance than high profile SUV tyres. Indeed, this tyres can’t offer good prime performance on off roads, however, this tyre is one of the first choices of many premium automobile companies due to its amazing appearance and performance at the same time. The tyre offers a W speed rating, which means it can easily run at 170mph. This tyre offers an amazing load index too. It offers prime performance on a slippery or extreme dry road.

  • Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV 

This is a summer 4×4 tyres. This tyre offers road noise-free ride, and inevitable traction on every kind of road except the extreme snowy road, it offers one of the most comfortable rides, it also offers amazing sand traction, and it offers prime handling on both dry and wet roads. Installing this tyre will be the best decision for sure.

  • Bridgestone Turanza T005

This tyre is made for challenging seasons and roads. This is a high-performance SUV tyre that is suitable for all kinds of terrains. This tyre is responsible to provide high traction on any kind of road including extreme off roads. It offers prime steering control and offers tremendous comfort and a safe ride.

  • Continental Sport Contact 5 SUV 

Talking about the vehicle score; this summer 4×4 tyre is just amazing. This continental SUV tyre offers the same traction on both dry and wet roads. You will ultimately get; prime wet and dry handling. Install the tyre and get a noise-free ride too.

  • Goodyear Ultra-grip Performance SUV 

See, if you are searching for the best winter SUV tyres, Goodyear ultra grip performance will be the finest option. This tyre is made for providing prime grip on extreme slippery roads. The tyre also gives a noise free ride.

  • Continental Conti premium contact 6 

Continental Conti premium contact 6 is a high-performance run-flat tyre. Yes, the tyre performs well in both wet and dry conditions. Because of the specific crystal silica substance, stopping on road is substantially improved. This enables the tyre to brake effectively while also providing a smooth halt.

  • Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 SUV 

This winter tyre is the favourite winter tyre in the UK and many parts of Europe and North America. Made for snowy roads, drive on extreme snow with prime performance. You can also use it on dry and wet roads. Install the best Tyre Lloc and enhance your driving experience (more safety, comfort and high-performance ride).

Apart from these 7 tyres, Dunlop Winter Sport 5 SUV, Continental Winter Contact TS 850 P SUV, and Pirelli Scorpion Verde are one of the finest SUV tyres.

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